Content isn’t King.

The Internet is loaded with content. We’re up to our eyeballs in content.

There are over 300 hours of video uploaded to Youtube per MINUTE.

And that’s just video on Youtube. What about blog posts, podcasts, Facebook updates, tweets, Instagram, and everything else?

At the same time, our attention spans are shot. A Microsoft study shows the average attention span now is just 8 seconds (less than a goldflish).

I’m not putting down content. I publish content. All my clients publish content.

But content alone doesn’t cut through all the noise.

Instead, you need a connection that goes beyond content.

If you’re going to hold people’s attention, you also have to entertain them.

One of the best ways to do that is with stories.

#1 – Is there a story you can share that illustrates your message?

It could be a personal case study or a case study from one of your clients. Or it could be a story about when you were growing up and a lesson you learned. Keep your eyes and ears open for stories that happen all around you: at the restaurant, at the beach, wherever you are.

Take down ideas whenever they come. Whenever an idea strikes you, record it on your phone. Or you could even go old school and write it out in a notebook. That way when it comes time to write, you have a list of ideas and stories to choose from.

We live in a culture that is enamored with celebrity. Tell your story.

You can be that celebrity in your market. You can be a famous person no one has ever heard of outside your industry. Get the benefits of celebrity without the paparazzi.

#2 – What contrarian advice can you share?

What mistakes, myths, and misconceptions are in your market? What are the gurus lying about? What makes you so upset about your industry that you just can’t keep quiet about it anymore?

In some cases, you may be the ONLY one talking about this. And that’s fine.

Is there a frustration in your market you can tap into? What truth can you expose to the light?

You’ll draw an audience when they see you as a voice instead of just another echo.

#3 – What value can you bring to people’s lives?

Filling your head with a bunch of knowledge (content) doesn’t do a whole lot of good on its own.

Sometimes it can even be a negative. If you’re stuck in analysis paralysis because there are so many options in front of you, adding even more ‘content’ to the mix isn’t going to solve the problem.

Maybe you just need to get started with step one. Figure out the rest as you go.

How are you bringing value to people’s lives?

It’s pretty obvious that I have products and services to sell in these emails.

But I also try to accomplish an even tougher persuasion opportunity in each email.

I’m trying to motivate you into action. Because nothing happens until you get moving.

Even if my email doesn’t give you another fact to add to your already overwhelmed brain, it’s a success if you act on something you already know.

Test a different ad. Send a new email today. Pick up the phone and call a potential joint venture partner.

I can’t guarantee your success. No one can. But you won’t accomplish anything unless you’re constantly moving forward.

Value is more than content. It’s also about inspiration and motivation. Help your audience act in their own best interest.

And if you want to surrounded by a community of others who are constantly moving forward in their online business, the Monthly Mentor Club is for you.

You get a complete collection of profit multiplying bonuses just for giving it a try…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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