Tomorrow marks the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics.

Some people are going to be glued to their TV over the next few weeks, although personally it doesn’t matter to me. I’ve never been big on watching sports. It’s more fun to participate.

As you hear about the events in the coming days, think about the type of dedication it takes to compete at that level.

It’s not easy.

The majority of them spend hours multiple times per day training both specifically for their sport and cross training to hone their body.

This training continues for years or even decades…all for an event which could be over in less than a minute (50m freestyle world records are under 21 seconds).

They master their sport.

With all that dedication and hard work, only a few get the gold.

Can you imagine the heartache of giving everything you’ve got day-in and day-out for years and coming up a few inches short of the win?

It has got to hurt.

But something that would be even worse is to go to the grave with the song still in you.

Don’t settle for less than what you’re capable of.

So many people dip their toe in the digital marketing space and give it a try.

That’s not going to get you anywhere.

It takes dedication to succeed online just like it does anywhere else.

You’re going to take some bruises.

I struggled when I first started online. A lot of the things I tried didn’t work.

But a few things did. And that was the key. When something worked, I kept doing it. I tried new things and eventually hit on the importance of email and building an audience.

I didn’t give up because of mistakes.

You’re going to have those too. There’s no way around it.

The beauty of the Internet is you can keep moving forward.

You can win the gold online, because you get to keep competing. It’s not over just because you lose a battle.

Those athletes put in both time and money to do what they do.

They put in the hours consistently to hone their skills.

They pay for coaches and trainers.

They have to give up a lot to be at the absolute top of their game.

What are you willing to invest for your dream of financial freedom online?

It will cost both time and money. You too need a coach.

The marketing gurus sabotage the dreams of their followers by telling them how easy it is. They say, “Just hit this button…and you’ll get everything you want in life.”

That’s not how life works. And it’s definitely not how winners operate.

You can tap into my support and training with the Monthly Mentor Club.

But that’s only part of the picture. You’re still going to have to invest the time to make it happen.

You’re still going to make some mistakes. And there will be obstacles along the way.

The good news is you can overcome and the game isn’t over until YOU WIN.

If you’re ready to follow your dream, then now is the time…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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