I have the pleasure of being friends with quite a few millionaire entrepreneurs.

And it’s always interesting to analyze how their thinking patterns differ from the average person.

For example, marketing is not an expense to them.

It’s a long-term investment.

In the marketing guru world it seems like someone is always talking about those ten baggers, where you earn 10 times your investment from an ad.

And of course they back it up with some silly screenshot from their most profitable teensy-tiny ad campaign (not showing you the 5 other campaigns that lost money). Or they show you a retargeting campaign which is simply a follow-up to their much more expensive main ad campaign.

Back in the real world, a large break-even ad campaign is a home run.

You’re generating a large list of hungry buyers for zero out-of-pocket if you’re breaking even on the first sale.

It’s an investment into your systems and your future. You’ll be profiting from that list next month, the month after, and for years to come. It’s a much greater return than stocks or virtually any other investment vehicle.

Recently I was chatting with one of my clients about his growing ad campaign. It’s working well and he is continually testing to improve the numbers.

The question he brought to me was whether it was worth it to take out a line of credit to finance expanding the ad campaign even faster.

Yes, the numbers were proving good enough that it was worth it in the long-term, but there was an even better way.

He could leverage the large customer list he already built by running a higher ticket offer to create the extra cash to finance the bigger ad campaign quickly.

This actually demonstrates one of the biggest differences I see in mindset for both current and future millionaire entrepreneurs.

They’re always investing in their future.

This also means they’re good at delayed gratification.

I have some clients who take one to three months completely off from their business each year.

That means their team essentially runs everything without them during this period.

They rest, relax, and recharge.

But they didn’t do that their first year in business. Working like a maniac in the beginning is what allowed them the freedom to call their own shots today.

Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

In addition, they surround themselves with other successful entrepreneurs.

Let’s face it. The general tone of the world is negative. People will pull you down. You need people around you who can lift you up and have the expertise to share with you.

That’s why every successful entrepreneur I know has a coach and/or a mastermind group.

One-on-one coaching is valuable, but it can also be pricey.

You can join the Monthly Mentor Club at a price anyone can afford.

You’ll get my personal advice and systems each month on earning more, working less, and enjoying life.

Plus you’ll get access to a community of entrepreneurs serious about growing their businesses online.

That’s the type of environment you need to be in to eliminate the overwhlem and get focused on following daily steps to online success.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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