If you stop selling products, services, and ideas, what do you have left?

You have the story.

People don’t buy a product, service, or idea; they buy the story that’s attached to it.”
Michael Margolis

Here’s how to prove it to yourself.

Think about a big purchase you’ve made recently, one that you’ve really thought about.

It could be a car, boat, house, etc.

Perhaps you even got married. That’s a pretty big life changing idea, isn’t it?

Before you took the leap, you saw yourself with the product.

The theater of your mind told stories of what it would be like to own it.

My wife and I are having a new home built for us, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I imagined living in our new location and living in the new home.

Since we’re using a custom home builder, we discussed what we were going to change in the house.

We had them build the open kitchen because we loved the look of this in other homes.

The design consultant helped us pick out tiles, cabinets, granite, lights, etc. And while we had examples in front of us that were being used to coordinate everything, we’re constantly imagining the house in the theater of our minds.

Throughout the process, we looked at what we currently do, what annoys us about our current location, and we saw ourselves living in the new home.

Reality never seems to quite match up with the stories you tell yourself, but those stories guide us.

It’s obvious to me with the home because it is such a large purchase and we’re so involved in the building process.

But there are stories inside us for every purchase we make.

You see yourself driving the new car. You can feel the thrill of the engine.

You see your new Internet Lifestyle once you have a successful internet business that generates more than enough passive income to pay your bills.

You imagine what it’s like to be married. It may not be exactly what you expected, but that’s another story.

Put your entrepreneur hat on now.

What story are your customers and clients telling themselves about your products and services?

They have a story already. You need to tap into it. And even more importantly, you want to find a way to help guide them in the right direction.

That’s what the August issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is all about.

You’ll discover the Art and Science of Persuasive Storytelling.

This effects everything you do online.

Your business is telling a story whether you like it or not.

It appears on your website, in your emails, and in social media.

The question is whether you’re telling the story you want to tell.

This month’s issue will be mailed out early Monday, August 1st. You’ll discover a proven step-by-step system for persuasive storytelling which can multiply your sales and your income almost immediately…


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