Which comes first…low ticket offers or high ticket offers?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer.

With business related niches, we frequently go higher ticket first.

Create a done-with-you or done-for-you offer.

Interact directly with your ideal clients.

Invest your time and charge a premium price for the end solution.

You can start immediately if you can deliver the results for your clients.

You don’t have to goof around for weeks or months putting together a course or anything else.

Come up with your offer. Go after warm contacts first. Make sales.

The direct contact with your clients will teach you even more about their desperate problems and their burning desires. You’ll get to know your ideal clients and what they respond to by daily interaction.

Your initial offer is simply an initial offer.

It’s not scalable in that form.

But you can build systems and automate it. You can possibly delegate some of it.

You can expand that one-on-one program into a group program that includes training videos and group webinars.

You can also take that training and turn it into courses that sell separately.

You could create a lower cost front-end offer that attracts a higher volume of customers.

Now you’re ready to scale the complete system.

That system can work in many consumer niches as well.

The tennis coach or fitness coach may start with a limited number of individual clients. As they grow and expand their reach, they can package up their training into a group program or online courses.

Manual labor can turn into passive income.

I’ve had clients who went the opposite direction as well.

They created a low-cost front-end offer. They built several upsells into the sequence.

They choose a traffic method to focus on…organic traffic (blogging, podcasts, Youtube, etc.), paid traffic (Google or Facebook usually), or joint ventures.

And they started generating sales for their course.

While this is often billed as the ‘passive’ route, it requires more set-up in the beginning. It takes time to put together the course and the upsells. You need good copy to sell the product. Plus, you have to learn and implement a traffic method. Or you have to hire these steps to others.

Yes, there are shortcuts that can make all of the steps quicker and easier, but you can’t eliminate them.

It takes time to put your systems in place.

But the freedom, fulfillment, and financial rewards are so worth the investment….no matter whether you go high ticket or low ticket first.

It’s not an either-or. Eventually you’ll likely have both in your business.

High ticket often allows you to profit faster, get to know your ideal clients, and see your systems in action as they’re implemented in your clients’ lives.

Low ticket is easier to scale and turn into passive income…especially once it’s combined with medium and high ticket offers alongside it.

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