Almost everyone in online business works with writers at some point.

Even though I write my own copy, hiring a copywriting coach for a year was one of my best investments early on.

There was also a year where I hired Brian Keith Voiles to write all the copy for my new projects. I’ve frequently asked copywriter friends to look over something and have paid for 2nd opinion copy reviews because it’s easy to miss something when you’re neck deep in your own project.

Recently a client hired a ‘copywriter’ from one of the popular outsourcing websites.

The writer talked a good game.

He asked the right questions.

And he had a good preliminary form to fill out about the audience, offer, and tone.

But the copy he returned was horrible.

It was wimpy without any air of authority. It was full of weasel words.

That on its own could have been easily fixed.

But it was boring and overly wordy.

The sentences felt backwards.

Good copywriting has a rhythm to it. Sentences are short and snappy. It’s written in a reverse pyramid format. You lead with your strongest points. This also applies to every section, sentence, and bullet. Someone should be able to quickly scan it and feel the emotional impact.

The copy was lifeless.

Perhaps English wasn’t the native language of the writer.

I had to tell my client that this simply couldn’t be used.

There may have been a few good ideas, but it needed to be completely rewritten from scratch.

This is one of the reasons copywriter samples are so important.

Make sure they written in the style you’re looking for.

This writer may have done OK if they were writing content articles for SEO, but he wasn’t a good fit for this client’s home page.

I’ve also seen scenarios where it goes the other direction.

You might find a writer who is too over-the-top for you…with wild promises and claims that don’t fit you or your audience at all.

Pay attention the questions they ask as well.

They should be highly interested in your audience and anything that has worked for your list before.

They should be curious about your offer and even make suggestions there.

They should be looking for what makes you different from your competitors.

They should ask you about your origin story, client case studies, and other forms of proof you have available.

You also need to at least understand the basics of direct response copywriting.

I have many clients who are clueless about the tech. They could never set-up their own websites.

But all my 6-figure and up clients could do a decent job of writing the copy.

Even if they’re better served by hiring a copywriter, they know the basics.

They know what they’re looking for.

Knowing how to ‘sell’ is an essential skill for online success.

Whether you want to write your own order-producing sales copy…or you simply want to master the basics…check out the Golden Glove Persuasion Map™.

This proven formula clarifies your message, creates high-converting websites, and transforms prospects into loyal buyers…without compromising your integrity or feeling salesy.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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