Do you ever hear a new marketing tip and think…

“That’s Just Not Me!”

A lot of marketing advice feels like it was made for extroverts.

It can leave introverts feeling frustrated, fearful, and overwhelmed.

For example, I have zero desire to do sales calls of any type…even warm incoming ones.

Any system that involves getting on the phone with prospects is a no-go for me.

I enjoy calls with clients, but the majority of clients are long-term and I know what we’re covering before we get on the call. And of course, I’m helping them solve specific problems as they grow their businesses…not selling them on anything.

Years back I tried selling satellite dishes door-to-door.

After two weeks, they let me go after selling a grand total of ZERO.

Some people love going to conferences or attending networking meetings.

That sounds kind of like medieval torture to me.

Frankly, I’d rather hide in a closet.

I rarely even attended the get togethers when I spoke at conferences!

I’d be worn out after the meeting just from the people who came up to talk to me.

Yes, I’m an extreme introvert.

In spite of this, I’ve made an excellent living online for over two decades now and I’ve helped tens of thousands of people grow their online businesses.

It’s not that I’m incapable of doing any of the above.

It’s simply draining to me.

Extroverts gain energy when they’re in groups.

Introverts gain energy when they’re alone.

I’d rather be writing or creating content in my evil lair at home.

That’s why I concentrate so much on putting together automated online selling machines that work 24-7 for me and my clients.

That means we don’t have to be there pushing the buttons or speaking to prospects.

It takes work to put these types of systems in place.

But once they’re set-up and running, they can run almost automatically.

Let’s say you test a combination of several audience interests and ads on Facebook.

The majority may not perform well.

In marketing you quickly learn not to take the results personally.

Turn off the losers. Scale the winners to higher budgets.

Invest time creating contrarian content in the style of your choice…whether written, audio, or video (for blogs, podcasts, or Youtube channels).

And my reluctance to go to networking groups hasn’t kept me from joint ventures either.

You can make connections with people individually. Partner with them and they share your content or your offer with their audience.

There’s a special report in the Monthly Mentor Club called, “Choose Your Traffic: How to Choose, Optimize, and Profit From the Right Traffic Source For You.”

You’ll find it in the special reports section.

I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions anymore.

You need to tap into the right traffic sources for your audience, your skills, your assets, and your team.

Yet, most courses and training treat everyone exactly the same.

Join the Club today. Go to the Special Reports section and go through this special report.

Choose the right traffic source for you…and grow your online business…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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