Weigh 180 Now

A few years ago I was tipping the scales at 235.

I was out of shape.

Sure, working online produced a large income and a good lifestyle.  But sitting behind a desk takes a toll on you when you’re not paying attention.

I had a lot of free time, but I wasn’t exercising regularly.  Instead I was eating out almost every day, riding my ATVs, and playing video games.  Mexican food at Los Amigos restaurant in New Castle…yummy.

Multiple fitness products and weight loss products came in the front door and exited through the back.

Nothing seemed to work for several years.

Then one night I woke up at 2 in the morning in excruciating stomach pain.

The next night…the same thing happened.  The 3rd night…there it is again.

Mentioned it to a buddy on the phone, and he told me the same thing happened to him.  He quit drinking Mountain Dew and it went away (maybe an ulcer since caffeine aggravates it).

Guess what?  It worked.  The pain was gone and I haven’t felt it since.

Within a month I noticed an interesting side effect of getting rid of all other liquids besides water.

My pants were baggy.  Within a few months my weight dropped to 200.  No other change in diet or exercise at that point.  Once I added regular exercise it went down to 180.

Why am I sharing this in a marketing newsletter? 

How is will this story fill your pockets with cash?

There are only two motivations behind human action: pleasure and pain.

Pain is stronger.

All the benefits of exercise and diet were there all the time for me, AND they were strong enough to get me to buy.

They weren’t strong enough to motivate me to stay consistent on what I bought…just like a majority of other buyers in that market.

It’s reported that 95% of people gain their weight back after a diet, but I’ve kept it off for years (my weight has varied from 170 to 190 depending on my exercise and goals).

Why?  Pain is stronger than pleasure.  It made an imprint on me.

My internet lifestyle story follows the same path.  It wasn’t the “dream” of a big house or fancy cars that gave me the fortitude to go after my dream.

Those are nice day dreams, but are they enough to motivate someone even after the sale?

It was the pain of being broke, in debt, and having creditors calling all hours of the day and night which motivated me to do what it took to succeed online.

It was HOPE of a brighter day and a better future…a day the pain would end. 

Have you ever noticed how many success stories came from painful beginnings?

Yet on many of our websites we only focus on the benefits of our product instead of the pain customers are currently suffering.

The fear of loss is also stronger than the desire for gain.

People are afraid of losing out.  They’re afraid of missing out on a ground floor opportunity.   Have you noticed how “every” network marketing company uses the “ground floor” pitch?

How many times have you heard someone look back and say, “If only I had bought land where the shopping mall is in the 70’s…”

Or they missed out on buying Apple, Google, Yahoo, or some other cheap stock.

They buy not just because of what they can gain, but the opportunity they’re afraid to miss.

Product launches work off of this as well.  If you don’t buy this week, you could miss out on it forever.

That’s why software trial offers work so well.

Before the product is in their life, it’s a tough decision whether it’s worth the money.

AFTER they’re accustomed to it, the fear of loss makes it an easy decision.

Look at this winning headline from Clayton Makepeace, right after a market crash:

“Wall Street BABYLON! Read This Report NOW, Or Kiss the REST Of Your Money Good-bye!”

Here’s the big question which has held me back on this before.

Is it ethical to sell people based on fear and pain?

But after realizing that long-lasting change in my own life is motivated by the pain, here’s a better question to ask…

Is it ethical to sell without using pain?

Let’s hear what you think over on my Facebook page…


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