My last post was all about pain and pleasure…and why pain is the stronger motivation for most human action.

There’s another “pain” that’s important in online marketing.

It’s called the pain of disconnect. 

You would pay your electric bill this month…even if they were rude to you on the phone.

Are you changing cell phone companies every month or two?

How about you real estate taxes?  Do you choose to skip them every other year?

No.  The pain of disconnect is too high.

Many of the most profitable businesses I’ve worked with have a continuity program as a major component in their business.  Yet, the average retention rate on membership sites has nosedived in the last few years to only 2 or 3 months.

The biggest and most common reason is there is no pain of disconnect.  There is no fear of loss.

If you sell website hosting, there is a MAJOR pain of disconnect.

It’s not easy to move your entire website over to another host.

The same is true of shopping carts, autoresponders, virtual assistant services, etc.

For example, I’ve recommended and used for years.  They tie a shopping cart, affiliate programs, ad trackers, email follow-up, and everything else together for you in one package.  You can try them out for free.

Do you think people join, set-up their entire business there, and then move 2 to 3 months later?

Not on your life.  They may join the trial, set-up a few items, and give it a try.  They decide if it is right for them or not.  But they’re not going to switch every couple of months.  They’ve sent me monthly checks for people who joined years ago.

These items have a built in pain of disconnect.

How can you improve your retention rates by adding a pain of disconnect?

A simple method in a membership site would be to add teasers about the upcoming content.  What will they lose out on next month if they cancel?  That should be considered the minimum standard.

You could add a discussion board, forum, or other social features to build a community.  They’ll lose the friends they made.

You could make your membership site step-by-step each month.  They complete step one and they NEED step two to continue.  They’ll lose their progress.

Add a software program or tool inside the site which they’ll lose access to when they cancel. For example, a weight loss site could add a diary, calorie counter, etc. they lose all access to when they’re no longer a member.

If you have a membership site or some other form of continuity, what is your pain of disconnect? 

And what else can you add to your site to retain members longer?

You could even add a “pain of disconnect” to a one-time digital product to reduce refunds.  This could be as simple as an unadvertised bonus of an ongoing step-by-step system you send out by email.

If you’re looking for software that can follow-up on all customers and does practically everything for you also(shopping cart, upsells, credit card processing, Paypal, ad tracking, autoresponders, affiliates, and more), check out this free trial:

Yes, they do send me referral fees.

They’re such a complete solution that they solve the technical pain of an internet business.  You’ll wonder what you’ve done without them up till now…and you won’t want to lose all the tools they offer.

It’s Free to try.

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