One of my personal pet peeves is the expression, “I don’t have time.”

It’s most often used as an excuse instead of being honest.

Everyone has the same amount of time daily.

It’s simply about priorities.  The true statement would be, “That’s simply not a priority right now.”

Where are your priorities at in your internet business?

If you’re starting out, that’s tough to judge.  If you’ve been in business for a while, you can simply look back and do an 80/20 on how you’ve spent your time.

What 20% of your time is producing 80% of your income?

For me, those priority activities include creating my monthly club and new information products, writing emails (and other content), managing my paid advertising, and helping coaching clients.

For you, the priorities may be different but they’ll come back to the same foundational principles:

–          Tapping into an audience of qualified buyers.

–          Communicating your message to your audience.

–          Monetizing your offers.

–          Product and service delivery.

It’s tough to include all those activities each day, but you can fit them in each week.

What are you doing this week to target buyers?

How are you communicating with them this week?

What new offers do you have available?

How are you improving the quality and results from what you’re delivering?

There are tons of time management courses, but you can’t manage time.

You can’t stop it.  You can’t jump off.  It keeps on moving whether it’s productive for you or not.

All you can manage is your own energy.

For example, the first hour of the day is often primetime to getting the big things done – such as writing.

But you’re going to be tempted to check your email instead.  How much money did you earn overnight?  You invest your highest energy moments into low energy and low profit activities.

You need to individualize here.  For me, early morning is primetime.  For you, it could 8 PM at night.  Or maybe it’s just after lunch.

Personally I find my most productive days are never ones where I have a big to-do list.

Instead my best days are “sprints” on one activity.  This could be writing a whole new sequence of emails, doing all the videos for a new product, or planning for my marketing calendar for the next few months.

That’s how my energy works best.  I’m a sprinter, not a marathoner.

A common question that used to drive me nuts was, “What’s a normal day for you?”

I don’t want normal days!  I sucked as an employee in an environment with normal days.

One day may be writing an awesome step-by-step system for my Club.  Another day is all coaching clients where I get in the flow of helping them find breakthroughs.  On the third day, the priority may be finding hundreds of new sites to use in my PPV advertising campaign.

I do new products during a sprint. My favorite method is to create the product and the copy quickly…in a couple of weeks.   Then take time off.  In this case, it’s not physical but a mental sprint.  Expend all the energy on the product over 2 weeks.  Then coast the next two weeks with a much lighter schedule (perhaps just helping clients with no projects of my own).

What’s your work style?  When are you most energetic and productive?

Let’s say you only had 3 productive hours per day.  How would you invest it?  What if it was only 1 productive hour per day…for your top performance?

We’ll call this hour “showtime” like an athlete or a performer.

What is the highest and most profitable use of your “showtime” hour right now?

Maybe it’s writing, doing a webinar, calling jv partners, etc.

This high-energy hour must be invested in an activity that brings in the money.

If you’re not sure what the right internet activities are, check out today. You’ll get focused on ways to generate traffic, convert those visitors into buyers, and put systems in place to create more free time.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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