I was 18 when Terminator 2 came out.

It was awesome!

Recently I picked up the Terminator’s autobiography.  It’s called “Total Recall” by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I wish I could recommend it, but I can’t

It’s a monster of a book at 624 pages, and it was pretty dry.

But I’m always looking for marketing insights.

And he revealed a doozy on page 342.

Some of the greatest artists like Michelangelo never sold during their lifetimes, because they didn’t know how.

Arnold was a salesperson.

This was the key behind his success in bodybuilding, politics, and movies.

He was always selling.  No one makes a profit until something is sold.

And all marketing starts with the audience.

He showed up for the test screenings of his movies.

At these events, a theater full of people fill out questionnaires rating the film.

Twenty to thirty of them are asked to stay after the film to discuss their reactions.

The studio can make changes to the film or position the marketing based off what they’re told.

For example, if the audience doesn’t like the ending, the studio may consider changing it.

If a majority loves the action, they’ll pitch the movie as an action movie.

If people like a specific character, they’ll make sure that character appears in the trailers.

Arnold said he attended to get personal feedback.

He wanted to know what the audience thought about his performance and what he could improve.

He said, “Many actors get their cues from the marketing department, but I wanted it directly from the viewers, without interpretation.”

He’d write down what he was told, and use those exact lines to promote the film in his media interviews.

It wasn’t about using his own words or imagination to sell his movies.

It was about using his audience’s words.

It’s even easier for us online today.

Your prospects and customers are freely sharing the words you need in social media, on forums, and ecommerce site reviews.

Marketing isn’t about being the loudest and most in-your-face.

It’s about listening.

Find out what moves your audience.

Create your offers and pitches to serve them, calm their fears, and fulfill their desires.

They’ll serve everything you need up on a silver platter if you listen to what they’re telling you.

The June issue of the Monthly Mentor Club will be mailed out June 3rd.

It’s all about listening.

But it goes far beyond this.

You have to know WHICH voices to listen to…and which ones to tune out.

Otherwise it’s easy to get overwhelmed and pulled in multiple directions.

You’ll discover how to organize and focus your audience’s words into a winning offer.


Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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