As you know, I love surveys.

Your prospects and customers hand you the exact words to use for your marketing.

But what about when surveys are wrong?

For example, I’ve never found an effective way to use surveys to reveal pricing.

What someone says they will pay and what they will actually pay when presented with the offer are two totally different things.

It only matters when money is on the line.

There’s also one additional danger to surveys and any form of customer research.

What customers SAY and what they DO don’t always 100% line up.

Most customers would tell you they usually make logical buying decisions.

That’s what I’d want to tell you, but I know it’s not true for me.

I have enough experience in marketing to recognize my own buying motivations.

But even though I know this, I’d still be tempted to lie.

I’d so want to tell you my buying decisions are motivated primarily by logic.

But the truth is I’m human.

My buying decisions are first motivated by emotion and then justified by logic.

We can’t always realize what motivates us to buy.

That’s why any good online research has a 2nd component.

First, you listen to what customers say.

Next you track what they do!

You’re looking for the connection between what they say and what they do.

If you’re going into a new market or you’re considering a new product offer, always check out what else is selling in that market.

It always surprises me when I speak to someone who doesn’t have a clue who the major players are in their market.

It’s a common occurrence, so it shouldn’t surprise me anymore.  But it still does!

That’s Marketing 101.

What is already working in the marketplace?

What are customers already buying?

Take a few minutes to analyze each of your top competitor’s websites.

What problems do they solve?  What promises do they make?  How do they prove their claims?

Get on their email lists.

Buy one of their entry products to see what upsells they offer and what backends they have in place.

In June’s Monthly Mentor Club issue, we’re going to peel back the curtain about what motivates your audience to buy.

We’ll also discover why your competitors are successful.  You will know who they’re targeting, where their traffic comes from, and how to use this intelligence immediately for an unfair advantage.

This issue comes out June 3rd.

Join the club today.

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