internet ageGood day all ye lords and ladies.

This past Saturday my wife and I went to the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire in Gainesville and we had a pretty good time. 

The streets were PACKED on Saturday.  In some places it was hard to even get by it was so busy.   So I didn’t necessarily enjoy the crowd, but most of the rest was fun. 

With all the shows, the jousting, and all the events that go on…of course you can expect me to be most interested in those with boothes.

For example I met a artist with numerous paintings he had for sale.  Plus he had his art collected in books so you could have the collection, some of the images on t-shirts, and even bookmarks.  In addition he said he also worked for game companies on their art at times.

I spoke with multiple people who create period clothing, games, swords, or other crafts such as mugs and glassware. 

And of course the performers on the stages aren’t shy about letting you know they make a living doing what they do and how important tips are to them! 

No matter how good their performance or the work they offer in their shops, it all comes down to sales. 

 In fact, the performers on the stages even have to sell people on coming to watch their show…with regular announcements of their show being about to start.

And every shopkeeper I spoke to had a website of course – as they were ready to proudly hand you their business card or coupon to get you to their website. 

Many of them are obviously doing what they love, but they live or die in the profession by how well they connect with their audience.

That’s one of those points where the “Do What You Love…And the Money Will Follow” breaks down. 

I’m sure many of the people were doing what they love, but you could easily see how much better some vendors were doing than others.  They sold what their audience wanted, and they were good at persuading them to take action. 

The popular vendors and performers had someone OUT in the crowd convincing those walking by to come into their shop.  Those who sat back and waited for people to come in stayed empty. 

The ones with the large crowds were those who were bold about why they were different.  They had SOMETHING unique they could talk about…and that you would see here (not seen anywhere else). 

And this was with a large “hungry” crowd bumping into each other. 

What are YOU doing to stand out in your market online?

Just having a blog isn’t enough.  Just putting up a video won’t do it.  Here’s the real question.  Do you spend as much time on promotion as you do on the material? 

 It’s actually kind of funny when you look at what goes on behind the scenes of a business viral video with 100,000+ views.    Sometimes it may be the owner has a list to tap into or they pay outsourced workers to get the promotion moving.   But they’re doing something to get it started and put the fire under it.

I was NEVER very good at in person sales.  I’m still not.  Oftentimes people are a little surprised when they meet me and see what a quiet, shy person I really am.

But that doesn’t matter online.  In fact, the internet has made it easy.  You can be a wizard at online sales even if you’d be a wimp in person. 

Because you’re not the salesperson. Your website is.  You’re just feeding it the words to use in text, on audio, or in video (and the correct words are already available to you for the taking online). 

While human nature doesn’t change, the tools we use to communicate does change.  And how we’re grabbing attention in the ultra competitive internet has changed just in the past couple of years. 

Just a little bit longer until the Total Conversion Code is ready.  If you’re not on the prelaunch notification list, this is your chance.  No direct selling skills required…and every step is covered in detail along the way including video, email, and webinars.

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