In my last post I quoted Dr. Glenn Livingston from a recent interview. He said…

“Become a coach on a mission instead of a coach with a cash register.”

That sentence is vital to your success online.

What is your mission?

What desperate problems are holding your audience back?

Why is it important for you to help solve those problems?

What is the story behind your irresistible offer?

This is the reason why you do what you do.

Having a clear mission helps keep you on track.

It’s so easy to get distracted today.

Pretty much every entrepreneur has a large ‘should-do’ list of all the things they feel they should get done.

They want to participate more in social media.

They want to expand their advertising.

There are half a dozen new products they’d like to release.

The ‘should-do’ list is continually growing.

Knowing your core mission helps you eliminate half that crap.

You’re able to focus on what needs to be implemented next.

The mission also motivates your buying audience.

They’re looking for somewhere they can plug into.

They’re searching for someone who understands them.

They’re desperate to find someone or something that aligns with their values.

I get to see behind the scenes of dozens of ad campaigns. The ads that perform best on Facebook are the ones that have a mission behind them.

They get the audience clicking, commenting, and sharing.

It’s about more than just a product or service.

They’re tapping into a movement.

For example, several of my fitness clients discovered how important it was to run 30-day or 60-day challenges in their programs.

A challenge allowed them to build a community around a goal…getting strong and toned while losing weight.

The members supported each other in the program.

It wasn’t a program you just took and did on your own.

It was one where the author was involved with you, answering questions, and motivating you to support each other in the program.

And we based those challenges on the author’s background story…what happened in their life that made bringing fitness to other women (or other men depending on the audience) so important to them.

What are you helping your audience achieve?

How are you changing lives…one customer at a time?

Start sharing the mission.

Give customers the opportunity to talk about what your mission has done for them.

Buyers want to cheer for each other and support each other.

They’re looking for a tribe they can plug into and be a part of.

And if you’d like my personal help in not only finding your mission, but communicating it with your audience, and growing your business online, I’ll be taking a few new private clients this upcoming Monday.

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