Gary Halbert was legendary in copywriting circles.

He had a little scenario he liked to talk about at some of his conferences.

He would say to attendees, “If you and I both owned a hamburger stand and we were in a contest to see who would sell the most hamburgers, what advantages would you most like to have on your side?”

Some would choose better tasting meat.

Others would say location.

And there were those who wanted the lowest prices.

After attendees finished choosing their advantages, Gary would tell them they could have all of those advantages and he could still sell more burgers if he had just one advantage…

All he wanted was a starving crowd.

That’s the key.

And it’s still true today.

So, the question becomes…where is the largest collection of starving buyers online today?

Google has the most traffic, but they’re also insanely competitive.

And a large percentage of their visitors are just looking for free information…or even yesterday’s sports scores.

What Youtube and Facebook? Free info and entertainment as well.

When it comes down to it, Amazon is the buyer’s search engine.

They’re the king of ecommerce.

Very few people go to Amazon unless they’re at least thinking about buying something.

Perhaps they want to compare prices or do some product research before they buy, but spending money is still on their minds.

63% of online shoppers go to Amazon to start searching for products (from a 2020 survey by

Is there a way we can position ourselves in front of this starving crowd?

You bet there is!

While I’ve helped clients in all kinds of markets including supplements and other forms of ecommerce, the majority of my clients are ‘experts’.

This means they sell courses, consulting, coaching, copywriting, or some other type of professional service.

There is a starving crowd waiting for them on Amazon.

This doesn’t mean they sell coaching or consulting directly there.

But their highest-value clients are purchasing books on their topic (Kindle, physical, and audible).

They share their unique message on Amazon and attract pre-sold clients to their courses or their services.

And there’s a ‘side effect’ to having a book on Amazon that many never even consider.

It can multiply your income from everything else you do.

The increased credibility your book gives you can increase the conversion rate for your websites, your emails, and your webinars.

This is true even for those who never purchase or read your book.

Amazon and especially their reviews, give third-party proof for you…even if you’re selling something that’s not directly related to your Amazon book.

I’ll share more about this, and other ways to multiply your income in just a few days.

Because I’ll be launching a brand-new course on Thursday.

It will help you attract more of your ideal customers and clients…both on and off Amazon.

There will be a special ‘launch discount’ available during launch week.

You won’t want to miss this if you’re serious about multiplying your income in 2022.

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