Over 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the 2nd week of February.

And just 8% achieve their New Year’s resolutions (according a study at University of Scranton).

Many barely last a few days.

Instead of coming up with a big goal for New Years, think in terms of easy-to-follow systems instead.

For example, some of the common goals people fail include losing weight, saving money, stopping smoking, going to the gym, etc.

They might start out fine the first few days, but they quickly hit a brick wall when inevitable stress comes in and their ‘willpower’ fails.

They would be much better off focusing on a simple system they can consistently follow that moves them another step closer to their goal.

For example, I’ve weighed between 165 and 170 consistently for years.

There was one point I weighed 235.

My first ‘system’ was pretty simple. I eliminated drinks with calories and started drinking more water. That one change got me down to around 190, almost by itself. Other changes were required later, but momentum was built by something that didn’t feel like a big sacrifice.

Of course, mileage may vary for others, but the point is to find one simple change that fits you and your lifestyle instead of trying to change everything at once.

The same rule applies to online business as well.

There are a LOT of little changes which can create dramatic payoffs for you.

For example, what if you found a way to invest just one hour a day in creating content about your topic?

You might struggle in the beginning. That’s OK. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend having any ‘specific deadlines’ for how much content you create starting out.

But you keep doing it…and soon it becomes a habit.

What’s amazing is how consistency like this can help you find your ‘voice.’

‘Finding your voice’ sounds a little mysterious…like something magical happens.

All it means is being yourself and sharing your unique perspective.

You already have a voice based on who you are…and all your past experiences.

You just might not be sharing it effectively yet.

The act of writing a blog, recording a podcast, or shooting Youtube videos consistently can pull it out of you.

Instead of being an echo of what others are saying, you can share your message.

And I recommend you start creating content even if you’re not sure what your message is exactly.

You’ll find it as you share advice with your audience and dive into what gets you emotional.

If an hour a day is too much to commit to, then perhaps it’s a couple of days a week.

Or maybe it’s a different system entirely you focus on.

Let’s make 2022 your best year yet.

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Terry Dean

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