Have you ever lost $100,000 on a real estate investment?

I have. I wouldn’t recommend it.

A friend recommended an experienced real estate investor to me.

He was buying houses, fixing them up, and renting them out.

He used investor money to buy fixer-uppers and repair them. When the work was done, he’d refinance with the bank to keep the money active and growing the empire.

He had done hundreds of deals and had a bunch of investors who had worked with him for years…including my friend.

I did my due diligence and met him in person.

And invested $100,000.

It was less than 9 months later when the money disappeared…and the investor with him.

And I wasn’t alone in getting ripped off. He ran away with millions…including bank money. Because he either had an inside person or a inattentive loan officer who was approving loans on homes that hadn’t even been repaired. They weren’t reviewing all the deals coming across their desk.

That was a painful learning experience.

I’ve had others.

For example, back in 2007 I invested money with the financial advisor at my bank. He had these great funds which were beating the market year-after-year.

When the crash game…there was a huge sucking sound. And for those high management fees he charged…he actually lost me MORE money than the market lost on average.

So I know how it feels to lose money.

Luckily, I also know what it’s like to invest and make money too.

But my most profitable investments have always been in myself.

Where would my life be today if I didn’t invest in direct marketing training back when I was delivering pizzas for a living?

I bought courses with money I didn’t have.

But this is important.

I didn’t just buy them.

I studied them.

I dug into them.

And most importantly, I implemented them.

I practiced what I read. I learned to write copy. I learned how to create infoproducts.

I made a ton of mistakes starting out.

Everyone does in the beginning.

I still make mistakes today.

But I prized that education.

It wasn’t a formal education. I never liked school.

But I love learning.

Success requires a curiosity about life.

You’re always growing.

Experience is a great teacher, but it’s also an expensive one.

What if I had tried to figure it all out by myself? I could still be struggling.

Instead, I stood on the shoulders of giants. I studied what they put out and applied it to my business.

After I had money coming in, I kept reinvesting in myself. I kept buying courses.

I invested in a coach.

By the reality was, I was investing in myself.

Those courses and coaches provided the knowledge, but it was up to me to use it.

What are you investing in?

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