My goal is to do less in 2019.

Sounds kind of crazy, right?

Especially when you consider all the money people spend on time management courses…and studying how to get more done.

Why would I want to do less?

Because that’s one of the secrets of success.

Each of us has the same 24 hours each day.

A large portion of that time is spent sleeping, and I prefer a good amount invested there.

Then you have getting ready, meals, hobbies, and time with your family.

There is only a limited amount of time you can devote to ‘work.’

The mistake most of us make is dividing our attention between too many different projects at once.

I could create a huge list of everything online entrepreneurs try to get done, but that in itself would be a waste of time.

What do you do best?

Let’s say you had to cut out everything else…what activities are vital to your success?

If you looked back at 2018, what was the most valuable use of your time?

Where did you waste time on things that you could have easily handed off to someone else…or often didn’t need to be completed at all?

As we move in 2019, think about how you could narrow your focus this year.

Even if something doesn’t take a lot of my time, I’ve noticed it still consumes my mental energy.

There are limited projects I can focus my attention on at any one time.

So part of my strategy for 2019 is a 3-fold test before I take on any project…

  1. Is this something my Ideal Clients already want to buy?
  2. Can I help clients get amazing results with this?
  3. Will it be fun and engaging for me?

Those 3 questions eliminate a lot of distractions.

No point trying to create interest in a market. That’s too expensive and wastes too much energy. Sell something they already want to buy (all you have to do is ask).

Don’t just offer a solution. Offer the best solution for your particular audience. That doesn’t mean your product is right for everyone. It means you know your audience, what they want, and what can get them results.

And finally, what’s the point of doing it if it’s not fun?

And even more important…what’s the point of continuing to do it when it stops being fun?

I have some major changes planned for 2019.

I’m not ready to reveal them yet, but over the next year you’re going to see a complete website redesign, new products, and an even narrower focus in my business.

What do you have planned to make 2019 your best year ever?

I will be accepting a few new clients in early January just after the Christmas season.

Several subscribers have been asking me about them lately. And if you’re interested in one of these limited slots, make sure you’re on the waiting list at:

One-On-One Internet Marketing Coaching

They always go quickly when they’re available.

Looking forward to helping you in 2019!

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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