I was thinking about my clients today.

That isn’t unusual as I’m always thinking about new innovations for them.

But today I was thinking about how ‘normal’ they were.

The word ‘average’ would never fit them. Because the people who succeed online are go-getters.

One of the requirements of success online seems to be pig-headed stubbornness. You refuse to give up no matter what obstacles you face along the way.

Yes, I’m telling you there are going to be unexpected obstacles. It’s not a yellow-brick road surrounded by flowers and sunshine.

But the rewards are so worth it: Freedom, Fulfillment, and Finances.

When I say my clients are normal, I’m referring to them as salt of the earth type people.

None of them are flashy.

They may have gorgeous homes, cars, and trips around the world.

But I doubt their neighbors have any clue how much they earn.

One is currently hiking the Appalachian Trail…and money keeps coming in from the emails he scheduled.

Another couple just got back from a 2-week vacation last week and told me they were nervous to look at the numbers in their business.

Their profits were way up because of systems they put in place the previous month.

Yes, they made more money on vacation than working. They might have gotten in their own way if they were there.

Other clients have told me the greatest joy their business brings them is the ability to spend more time with their kids. They get to attend all their children’s events.

One client recently discussed the giving he was able to do, donating 6-figures to help build wells for fresh water in needy areas.

My clients come from every continent except Antarctica. A current client visited there recently so maybe that counts.

They earn extraordinary incomes because they not only had a vision, but they’ve also developed a plan to get them there.

Every client has chosen a hungry buying audience.

We brainstormed ways they could stand out in a competitive marketplace. They choose their hook and focused on their unique advantages.

We positioned them as a leader in their market and they attracted an audience.

The majority get people on their email list first, but some go right for the sale.

Either way, they’re also building an even more valuable list…a buyer’s list.

We combine those lists with social media and other online tools.

They expand on their products and services to deliver even better results to their customers and higher profits for their business.

You wouldn’t be able to identify the internet millionaires in a crowd.

What sets them apart is the commitment they made and their consistency to walk it out.

They were open to advice.

And it’s made a difference not only for them and their families but the millions of people they’ve reached with their messages.

Never underestimate what you’re capable of.

Your background, race, sex, age, previous income, and especially your past mistakes aren’t what matters.

What matters is what you’re willing to do now.

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Whether we ever work together or not, believe in yourself. You’re capable of so much more than you’ve done up till now. The world is waiting for what you have to share.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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