Here’s a testimonial one of my private coaching clients recently sent to me…

“Terry, prior to joining your coaching program I had spent well over $60,000 on “coaches” only to find out they were salesman disguised as coaches. Here is the Terry Dean difference: First, I’m coached by someone who is an honest business person.

Second, within a month of working with you, we created a product and it generated $12,922 in one week. You delivered results and THAT is what sold me on being a long-time client of yours.

A half a million in profit later and I’ve turned into a bit of a Terry Dean groupie. I LOVE being coached by someone with integrity!
Trader Travis

Obviously, these are exceptional results and you shouldn’t expect the same kind of returns.

Good coaching can multiply your results.

I love clients like Travis.

He is one smart cookie. He works hard on his business. He cares about his customers and their results.

This line was upsetting to read, “spent well over $60,000 on “coaches” only to find out they were salesman disguised as coaches.”

But it is pretty common today.

I stopped accepting Linkedin connection requests from “High Ticket Closers” a long-time ago.

I don’t know if there was a class on how to be a high ticket closer, but I’ve seen dozens (if not a hundred of more) people use that as their job title.

Yes, you need to know how to sell. That’s a requirement for a successful online business.

But good marketing is just as much about repelling the wrong customer as it is attracting the right ones…especially when you’re dealing with a higher ticket offer.

I’ve sold high ticket offers before where potential buyers needed to pay a refundable deposit and then fill out an application. My goal going on the call wasn’t to ‘sell’ everyone. There were several people I told on the phone they shouldn’t buy and I was going to refund their deposit.

The calls were to determine who was a good fit for the program.

While I don’t do an application process for my one-on-one coaching program, I put all the details right on the website. The price isn’t hidden.

If someone goes to the page and then emails me asking for the price, they’re NOT a good fit for the program.

Many clients become friends. We get to know each other.

We’re serious about increasing their profits, producing better results for their customers, and reaching a larger audience with their message.

But at the same time we often laugh and joke around.

I remember seeing the late marketing expert Gary Halbert wearing a hat that said, “Clients Suck.”

If that’s the way someone feels, they’re attracting the wrong clients.

And it’s not the clients’ fault.

Something in their message or their approach to attracting clients is wrong.

I’m not accepting any new clients today…but I will have a few openings in June.

If this is something you may be interested in, you can read details about my private coaching program here…

Make sure to register for my waiting list so you’re notified anytime there are openings.

If that’s out of your budget, then check out the Monthly Mentor Club.

It’s an affordable option for getting access to my step-by-step systems and advice each and every month.

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