A client added a new component to their funnel a couple of months ago.

The result was an extra 10k a month.

And it was quick and easy to set-up.

It’s based off the 5th finger of my Golden Glove persuasion system.

Reason to Act Now.

They added a deadline for their offer.

If customers didn’t order by a specific date, they would miss out on the 50% discount and have to pay the full price.

Procrastination kills sales.

You tap into the emotions a visitor feels about the desperate problem. You demonstrate your unique promise. You back up all your promises with overwhelming proof. And you make an irresistible offer.

All the pieces are in place.

You almost have the sale. They’re just about ready to fill in their credit card information.

But they decide to think about it and come back tomorrow.

The sale is lost.

The next day something else grabs their attention.

You’ve experienced this.

I’ve experienced it.

I discovered the power of having a ‘Reason to Act Now’ decades ago when running email specials.

Anytime you make a special offer with a specific deadline by email, you’ll see some sales the first day.

These are often your best customers who don’t even watch the full sales video or read all your copy.

They buy because they know the value you deliver.

There is a small trickle of sales each day throughout the special.

That little trickle turns into a stream on the 2nd to last day.

And it’s a flood for the last day…especially the last 6 to 12 hours.

The hard deadline motivates people to action.

Over the years, I’ve noticed this becoming even stronger across every market.

The number of sales coming in the first few days has decreased while the sales on the last day of the special have increased.

That’s all well and good when you’re running a special to your customer list.

But what about when you’re running paid advertising or you’re bringing in new subscribers every day…and you want a special offer exclusively for those who just came to your site today?

That’s the change this client made in their funnel.

They added a 48-hour deadline for new visitors to their site.

There are a lot of tools that add countdown timers to a page and can track visitors by cookies. But it’s also easy to fool those countdowns by using a different browser or deleting your cache.

The tool they used was Deadline Funnel.

It can create an evergreen deadline that tracks visitors as they go through your emails and across different pages of your site…even if they click from different devices. It can also add a countdown timer in your emails themselves…

Click here to create your own evergreen deadlines for more sales and profits…

Note: The links above are an affiliate link.

It’s not a perfect solution. No software is. But it makes creating evergreen deadlines a whole lot easier and more effective.

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