You write an email and it’s a home run.

It has good open and click rates.

And it produces a large number of sales! That’s what really matters.

Do you just pat yourself on the back…or do you maximize your income from that email?

Save the email. Add it to your autoresponder sequence. Or resend it six months from now. Put it in a yearly rotation of emails.

Won’t people remember it? Some will. But if it worked this time, it’s going to work again. You will need to update it if you make references to current events. But even then, the theme you used can be an idea starter for the future.

I have a client who has run the same Black Friday deal for the past several years. Same offer. Same emails. Same deadline. He has adapted other specials throughout the year in the same way.

If you have a product launch and it’s a success…why not reach out to new affiliates and run the launch again? A client is doing that next month with a Summit he released 6 months ago.

Reusing emails and offers is only the beginning. That same successful email could become the idea for a book or webinar. It could become the title of a future product. Create something greater.

Create a short report to sell.

Combine it in with other reports for a larger package.

Use that same package of reports as the basis of an e-coaching class where you provide group-based support as a higher ticket offer.

Use that class to create a live workshop.

Create a piece of content like a blog post or video.

Share it on social media.

Come back to it and share it again in the future…multiple times.

If you create a product and it eventually gets outdated…use the same cheat sheets, powerpoint files, and content with some updates to create version 2.0…version 3.0 and so on.

If you get an affiliate to promote your product for you…stay in touch.

Go back to them again with your next release.

Everything you do…every hour you put into your online business can build on what you’ve done before.

You’re creating equity that can keep paying you for life.

Compare this to working a job. If you get paid by the hour, you put in your time and you get a paycheck.

Next week you have to go back into the office and work those hours again for the same paycheck.

Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a $1 raise every year.

But you have to keep plugging away building equity for someone else’s business.

In an online business, everything you do not only creates income for you today…but it also multiplies your income in the future.

A business owner doesn’t earn 100x more because she works 100 times harder.

No, that multiplication effect comes from leveraging what they’ve already done to reach a larger audience with more value.

If that sounds good to you, check out the Internet Lifestyle System.

It is the quickest and easiest way to create passive income streams you can be proud of…free you from your job, and fuel your Internet Lifestyle for decades.

Imagine receiving a consistent monthly income from the Internet that provides you with True Financial Freedom…Freedom that allows you to have real choices in life.

You have complete control of your schedule. Work when you want on projects you enjoy that make a difference in lives of others.

Take a break to visit the gym, go out to eat, or pick your child up from school.

Earn more than enough money to live where you want, vacation when you want, and take care of your family in the way they deserve.

Instead of worrying about whether you’ll get to retire ‘someday,’ you could retire the moment you’re generating more passive income online than you receive from your regular job.

The Internet Lifestyle is about having money – and the time to enjoy it…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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