The average person is subjected to 5,000 ad messages a day, according to a study by market research firm Yankelovich.

That was over a decade ago!

I don’t know how accurate that number is, but the noise has only increased over the years.

There is an avalanche of brand messages everywhere you turn.

Go on Facebook and there are sponsored posts, promoted videos, and sidebar ads.

That’s not counting how many of your friends are sharing some kind of brand message with you (saw this new movie, bought this new car, tried this product, etc.).

Google…Youtube…TV…it never ends.

And I don’t know if they even included the news media in their stats.

My personal feeling is the news media went off the rails years ago.

It’s not about honest reporting anymore. It’s about clickbait headlines that grab attention and have little relation to the truth. Yes, I just called most news Fake News…or at least Fake Headlines. If they get enough complaints, they’ll quietly print a retraction somewhere once the true facts come in.

Everything has gotten so loud.

How do you as a small business owner break through with a message in an environment like this?

The secret is curiosity.

What is your single, most surprising, curiosity inducing idea?

What story can you highlight that will make your target audience curious to know more…even with thousands of other stories clamoring for their attention?

Your first response is likely, “I don’t have anything like that!

I understand.

I’ve heard that from clients many times before.

But there is always something.

Sometimes it’s tough to see your competitive advantage when you’re knee-deep in your business every day.

You have a story to tell.

Attention grabbing websites and sales copy aren’t just about bigger promises and more benefits.

Yes, you deliver emotional end benefits to your customer.

But there is a BIG Idea or story behind your message.

And finding that story is most of the battle.

Because once you tap into the right story, you’ll have a way to grab attention and hold interest for your target buying audience.

I give you my secret formula for BIG Ideas in the May issue of the Monthly Mentor Club.

It’s going to print and mail tomorrow morning. So now is your last chance to get this issue mailed out to you…

You’ll tap into my formula for finding BIG Ideas…along with seeing example after example of it in action.

Attract a hungry buying audience.

Communicate your message in the most effective way.

Turn visitors into buyers.

Multiply your customers’ lifetime value.

And create lifetime loyalty to your mission.

Join the Club today, get this issue, and take advantage of dozens of my special reports and webinar videos designed to help you earn more, work less, and enjoy life online!

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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