Have you ever felt like your market is too saturated?

Is it too hard to get noticed anymore?

Those are common complaints I hear.

And it’s true.

If there is money in your market, you likely have numerous competitors.

And at a least a few of them are doing a good job.

I get worried when someone tells me they found a wide-open market.

Because here in 2019, if a market is still wide-open, it’s likely a whole bunch of other businesses have already tried and failed. Maybe it’s tough to target the right audience or the audience is not spending money on what you think they should.

I like competitive markets, because that means there is money in the market.

But it also means you’re going to be going up against tough competition.

The cost of advertising is increasing.

And customers in your market are becoming deaf to many of the current approaches.

I’ve helped many clients break through the noise in markets like this.

For example, I always have several private clients in the weight loss and fitness markets.

Those markets are brutal.

Because not only are there thousands of competitors, but the audience has already tried and failed to accomplish their goals multiple times.

While there are companies out there who make totally unrealistic promises, that’s not what I recommend.

Instead, find the hidden truth that helps you stand out from the competition.

Many times this is a story about how your solution was developed or what makes it different.

It could be the mechanism behind your product…why it works when other solutions have failed.

It may be the research that backs it up or it’s focused on specific niche in the larger market.

You can grab attention even in the most competitive markets if you tap into the right BIG IDEA.

Gary Halbert said, “If I work ten days on an ad, it will likely take me only about half a day to actually write the ad. The other nine and a half days will be spent busting my brain figuring out exactly WHAT to say which will make the ad most effective.”

You’re not going to make bigger promises or share bigger benefits than everyone else.

In many markets, promises are already over the top.

Instead, it’s about finding the Big Idea.

It changes everything.

Your advertising is immediately more effective. You get more eyeballs for less. Leads come in at a fraction of the previous cost. Sales multiply.

You could limp along for years with something that does OK until you stumble upon to the right idea, and the entire business transforms.

Or you could devour the May issue of the Monthly Mentor Club.

It’s about my secret formula for Big Ideas.

It will help you discover the big idea in your market. And you will have a step-by-step test to put ideas to help you choose the right one.

See example after example of ideas that dominate their markets.

Tap into the system you can use, even as a small business or a solopreneur, to choose your attention-grabbing Big Idea…even and especially when you think your market is already saturated.

This issue goes to print and mail on May 1st.

Plus you get access to dozens of my special reports and webinar recordings designed to help you Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy life.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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