In 1966, the psychiatrist Charles K. Hofling did a hospital field test.

He wanted to see how far nurses would go to obey an unknown doctor.

A fake drug by the name of Atroten was added to the drug cabinet. The maximum dosage was labeled as 10 mg.

A person would call the nurse and say he was Dr. Smith. The nurse had never met or heard of this doctor.

The ‘doctor’ would ask the nurse over the phone to give 20 mg of that drug to a patient.

Dr. Smith said he would sign the orders when he arrived at the hospital.

This order broke multiple hospital procedures including:

They were not supposed to follow instructions of an unknown doctor over the phone.

The dosage requested was twice the maximum dosage listed on the bottle.

The drug wasn’t on the patient’s orders and this prescription hadn’t been signed.

What percentage of nurses do you feel would have broken all 3 rules and administered a fake medication?

The results were 21 out of 22 nurses followed the orders and were stopped at the patient’s room.

The persuasion trigger here is authority.

They followed the fake doctor’s orders without question.

How can you apply this to your online business?

Obviously you don’t want to pretend to be a doctor or practice medicine without a license.

But you do want to position yourself with authority.

Sometimes it could be a simple photo you add to your site.

You add a photo of you speaking in front of an audience. Or you take a photo of you with a well-known expert.

Just taking a photo with a white lab coat could give you the appearance of authority in a scientific field.

One of my clients shoots many of his videos with a bookshelf behind him. All of the books are spine out like a normal bookcase, but the two books he wrote are face out so you can see him as the author.

Another way of positioning yourself with authority is by becoming a specialist. You’re the expert at X. What is it that you do better than anyone else?

Or is there a specific type of client you have helped receive amazing results? For example, you could be the Youtube ad expert for dentists.

You can deliver contrarian content that stands out in your marketplace.

A lot of people write wimpy content. They never take a position. They don’t have a message.

You can stand out by claiming your expertise in the subject. Speak with boldness. Have a message that resonates with your audience.

Of course you can add testimonials and case studies to your websites, emails, and videos.

You can tap into social proof and what others are saying about you online.

What are you doing to position yourself with authority?

The exact same offer may generate dramatically different results based on what surrounds it on a website. Do you appear to be someone that others trust and recommend?

Authority is just one of the persuasion triggers you’ll discover how to use in Autoresponder Alchemy.

Effective selling emails is about more than just copying some winners and sending them out to your list.

Yes, you’ll get my own proven emails to model, but you’ll also discover how to tap into multiple persuasion triggers for maximum results from everything you do online.

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