easy cure for overwhelmRecently this question came in from a reader…

Terry, how do you keep with all the changes occuring online? It seems like there is always a new product, a new traffic method, and the tools change almost every day.  How do you keep up with it all?”

Great question.

The simple answer is you don’t.

Because you don’t need to keep up with “everything” that is going on.

Part of the reason people feel so overwhelmed today is there are so many options.  How many different ways can you advertise your business today?

You could use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google SEO, Bing, Adwords, Banners, CPV, Affiliates, etc. 

And that’s just getting warmed up.  You simply don’t have time or the ability to do everything. 

The good news is you don’t have to keep up with everything.

There are a couple of internet gurus who constantly pitch every new product as the end-all solution you must know to stay competitive.

“If you don’t know this brand new secret…you’ll be left behind in the next months.”

I’ve heard that exact same pitch from them at least a dozen times for radically different products.

It’s their modus operandi now.  If you don’t learn this, you’ll be left behind and out of business by next month (or the next 6 months if they don’t think people will believe the one month claim).

I completely stopped listening to anyone who pitches like that all the time.  While I stay on many lists, I removed myself from anyone who publishes the constant “sky is falling” sales pitch. 

Their whole business model is based on scaring you into the next “opportunity” they have for sale.  

The biggest damage they’re doing isn’t even all the money their subscribers are losing on their products.

It’s the attitude they’re developing in their readers.  They feel like they must always jump on the newest thing.  And if they’re not on the newest wave, they must be missing out on something.

Yes, we want to stay up to date with what is working for you.  You want to test and see what’s converting best with your audience today.  You want to test new markets and sources of advertising.

But the attitude that anything which worked 6 months ago can’t work today simply isn’t true. 

Every successful internet business owner I know have ads out there that have been working for years.  These are the foundational income sources they use to test new sources today.  They don’t radically transform their business every month to stay on the newest wave. 

They use both new and old.  Almost sounds like a wedding:

“Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

The reality is to be in business you need just a few items:

– Something to sell (it could be yours, an affiliate product, or even a CPA where you’re paid for clicks you create)
– A way to generate traffic
– A way to convert that traffic

That’s what you need.  You need something that generates a income, a way to get visitors there, and a way to get people to take the action needed.

Perhaps you focus on information products, affiliate, and webinars. 

Someone else may focus on Adsense, seo, and blogging.

You need at least one of each and eventually you may outsource and expand into multiple methods of each.  But you need one of each bottom line…

There are no additional points because you used new methods.   The bank won’t turn down your deposits because you used joint ventures like they’ve been used for decades. 

I did an interview this month for the Monthly Mentor Club for the issue going on this Wednesday the 10th. 

The expert is generating loads of traffic using an almost forgotten traffic method which has worked for over a decade online.  Yet very few people do it in the way he shares…

It doesn’t rely on Google or seo.  You can’t get slapped.  And you’re not at the mercy of any big advertising company (like so many other methods).  And he doesn’t even mention social media or affiliates.

Yet he can generate high quality buyers all day long in ANY niche or mass market from weight loss to ice fishing and everything in between.

Find out more now: http://www.MonthlyMentorClub.com

Don’t miss out on this issue going out this Wednesday the 10th.

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