Free is too expensiveI love freebies.

Look at that free ebook you get when you subscribe to that newsletter.  Or this free audio when you subscribe to another one.

Follow this line of thinking and soon you’re on a couple of dozen email newsletters.  OVERLOAD!

This is where that unsubscribe button comes in handy at the bottom of every issue.  Out of those newsletters, likely 75% or more are just sending pitches. 

No content.  No real personality.  And definitely no useful information or motivation for your daily actions online. 

But you could spend hours going through just your emails reading all these issues from different publishers.  And you come out of that overwhelmed and confused about which way to go.

Sometimes Free is just too expensive. 

When it comes to newsletters or blogs, it can be too expensive to your attention and focus. 

What about when you want to do it all yourself?

You do the seo and social media yourself.   You set-up some jv deals.  You organize blog cross promotions.  You get your business moving this way.

While some suggest you should outsource everything in your business starting out, the reality is I don’t know ANYONE who has done that effectively.  For most people, their budget and the fact they need to manage these outsourced workers will get in the way of starting everything by outsourcing.

But eventually you’ll hit a wall doing it all yourself. There is only so much you can personally do.

At that point, free becomes too expensive.  It can risk your lifestyle, your health, and your family.  At times it can literally become outsource or die if you’re working 14+ hour days long-term. 

How about reinvesting in your business?

If you want your business to grow, you need to reinvest in it. I’ve never understand when companies list their “ad budget” for example.  They have $1,000 to spend on advertising.  Well what if that advertising produces $1,500 in profits?  Wouldn’t they want to pyramid those profits into more advertising to keep the system growing?

You want to be very careful with your advertising expense when you’re initially testing any new ad campaign or placement. But once it’s working, keep expanding it and growing your business.

Some marketers don’t ever want to spend a penny on advertising OR share liberally with affiliate partners.  They want to do everything free.

Free becomes way too expensive when it keeps your business from effective marketing. 

What about investing in your own education?

You can find a LOT of free information online.  In fact, I’d venture to say you can eventually find any information you’re looking for online for free.  It may take you 100 hours to find it, and you may have to sift through a ton of garbage first, but you can find it. 

But the right information product or the right coach can take you from Step A to Step Z so much faster while avoiding many of the roadblocks. 

They know the way and can guide you.  When I started out online in 1996, there wasn’t much information about succeeding online.  So I went to experts like Gary Halbert and Jay Abraham who had succeeded in direct response off the internet. 

I went through what they taught, and it was worth every penney to me.    It changed my life forever.

You will find every successful person values their education.  It doesn’t always come in college.  Often it comes from books, from courses, and from mentors in their life. 

This type of valuable information can change your life as well.  Trying to get by just with what is shared for free is a mistake. 

Free becomes too expensive when it keeps you from achieving your goals.

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Doberman Dan – Direct Response Entrepreneur and Copywriter

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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