online income in 30 minutesHere’s another question I was presented with recently…

“What if someone only wanted to invest 30 minutes a day in their Internet business?  What tactics would you suggest them to focus on?”

Thirty minutes a day isn’t much.  So you’re going to have to be super focused on just your core strategy of making money.

Remember, you need 3 different elements to any successful online business.

  1. You need traffic.  You need a way to tap into a consistent, reliable stream of buying visitors.
  2. You need a way to monetize your traffic.  What will you offer to earn income from this traffic?
  3. You need conversion.   You need to persuade those visitors to click or buy what you’re offering.

How will we accomplish all 3 in only 30 minutes a day?

For monetization, I’m going to recommend affiliate marketing.  Find several high quality affiliate products and services that appeal to your target market.

It would be tough to create your own products and website sales copy while also generating traffic and improving conversion in this short of a time period starting out.  Once you get experience and are making money from multiple affiliate programs, then you can consider other strategies.

Now we need to generate traffic and convert those visitors into sales for the affiliate programs we’re recommending.  How can we do both in only 30 minutes a day?

It means we need a strategy that can do both traffic and conversion at the same time.

My money is on email.

There are a few other methods that could do both such as video, but the preparation, shooting, and editing will be tough on that limited of a time frame.

If you’re writing short emails, it’s perfect for this schedule.

At first it may take you an hour or more for each email, but with practice you can get them down to 30 minutes.

Take a couple of days initially and get your squeeze page up to generate subscribers.  Perhaps purchase private label rights to a good course to give away initially as your teaser.

Then start writing several emails a week for your own list.  That will take care of the conversion side.

What about traffic?  One of the quickest ways to generate traffic is through solo ads.  And guess what skill you need for good solo ads?  That’s right…email…the same one you’d be practicing daily on this schedule.

You’d pay for solo emails to relevant lists and send the visitors over to your squeeze page.

And that’s not to mention that you could also pay someone to setup a WordPress blog for you.  They copy each of your emails over to the blog and share them on social media for additional exposure.

Why would I choose this strategy?  Because email was my tipping point that first year in business for me.  I watched my income increase each month right along with my list.  Once I focused my attention on the list, everything else took off like a rocket!

It’s kind of funny.  That’s what I discovered early in my business, but just like everyone else I allow myself to get distracted by other shiny objects online.  Whenever I lose this focus, my results suffer.

There’s your 30 minute a day plan.  It’s going to require you to really dig in and get the work done quickly, but it can be done.  And just think how much more effective this will be if you have even more time available or you can do it in addition to what you’re already doing…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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