outsourcing easyEveryone talks about outsourcing…kind of like everyone talks about testing.

But I’ve coached enough clients to know a whole lot less people test anything in their website processes than we’ve been led to believe.

This makes me wonder at times just how many people are using outsourcing.

And if you’re not, do you realize just how easy it is to get started.

Sure there are horror stories.  Someone pays for a website that never gets completed…or a software program that doesn’t work.  That does happen, but you could start your very first outsourcing experience with something small at extremely low cost.

It could even be fun.

For serious projects, people turn to sites such as http://www.odesk.com (which I like a whole lot better than eLance) or deal directly with a provider.

But what if you just want to “try” outsourcing and get something small done.

This is a fun site, even if you’re just looking for ideas: http://www.fiverr.com/

Basically every offer here is $5.  And you may be surprised at what you can get done for $5!

Spend a few minutes looking around the site and you’ll be fully convinced people can be STRANGE!

Want a short jingle written?  Available for $5.

Want comments on Youtube Videos?  Available for $5.

Need editing for your article?  Available for $5.

How about an ebook cover?  Or a blog header?  Or even have your blog installed for you?  Yep…that will be $5.

And that’s just the beginning.  It gets weirder.  Want someone to pretend to be your girlfriend on Facebook…or perhaps you want a fake video testimonial…or a cartoon photo made of you?

You can even have a little motherly advice.

Or you can hire a ninja to do a web commercial for you.  OK, that one is not that weird.  Now you know where I got that upcoming ninja for my promotion!

If you’ve been afraid to outsource, then this is the perfect solution for you.  And I don’t get any money for saying this.  I’ve just been entertained by the site and the first thing I thought of here is how you can get out of those outsourcing fears with a low cost like this.

Is $5 too much for you?

Then you could try Amazon’s Merchanical Turk – https://www.mturk.com/

Want a whole bunch of quick reviews…or some thumbs up on social media…or something else that is real quick and worth a quarter or less?  That’s the place to go. 

Why anybody will even click your link to do a project for ten cents I have no idea, but they’re doing it. 

You have ZERO excuse not to start outsourcing today.    So don’t ever give me the “I can’t afford it” excuse again.  🙂

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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