heal a heartIt’s Valentine’s today.  So today is the perfect day to heal someone’s heart.

My friend Dr.Mani, the heart surgeon and infopreneur, is launching his second book on February 14th, 2011 – as a Kindle ebook on Amazon.com

Like the print version that launched last year, all profits will go to fund life-saving heart surgery for children  from under-privileged families.

To build buzz for the launch, Dr.Mani is doing something CRAZY!

The first 1,000 Copies of “47 Hearts” are available for just $2.99 each!
And that’s not all. If you buy your copy on launch day (February 14th, 2011), Dr.Mani will give you gifts worth $150.00 – just for ordering one Kindle edition of “47 Hearts”.

Hurry to this site and claim your copy of the ebook –

I asked Dr. Mani if I could post a few excerpts from his book for you here.  These are ones that really stood out to me and were perfect for sharing with you (because of how they relate ot your internet business).

Why Are You Doing It?
What Drives You To Reach Your Goal?

What often gets put off to later, or even never addressed head-on, is the real purpose or motivation behind why you get involved in anything. Yet, it is the single biggest determinant in whether or not you will be successful at it!

The reason is simple. Any worthy mission will run into obstacles, and take time to get done. Unless you are determined to succeed, and have a powerful motive to win, you are likely to back down or give up when the going gets tough.

I cannot count the number of times I was ready to give up. Each time, though, what kept me going was the knowledge that the purpose behind my mission was too important to abandon.

Find your purpose. Keep it firmly in mind in all that you do.


Purpose Empowers
Link It To Everything

Your powerful “reason why” for your dream is the engine that powers it ahead. Just as a car’s engine moves the vehicle regardless of who is driving, your strong, noble purpose will empower everyone on your team.

So bring it front and center. Make it part of your mission statement and brand. Explain it to your volunteers, missionaries and partners. Infuse it into everything.

“Heal a Child’s Heart” is a theme around which I build most of my fundraising events and infopreneur product launches. And by doing it, the Heart Kids Tribe grows. Every time someone hears it for the first time, the chance of our tribe growing bigger improves.


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