Glenn LivingstonThe last job I had, and ever will have, was delivering pizzas for $8 an hour for Little Caesars. 

It seems like such a long time ago.  I remember how frustrating it was to be out in the cold making deliveries.  And back then they had a $2 delivery charge…which meant most people thought the drivers got it.  Most people didn’t tip because of it.

We were paid minimum wage plus tips or $8 an hour if you didn’t get enough tips.  I was paid $8 an hour for every hour I worked there.  I remember one time I even had less than zero tips.  Obviously I did my math wrong on one of the deliveries and actually OWED them money. 

If you’ve been on my list or subscribed to my blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard the story above. 

Why do I tell it?  It’s actually embaressing now.  Especially when I work on a major project with someone like Glenn Livingston. 

What did he do before the internet?  Oh yeah, that’s right.  He did million dollar consulting projects for Fortune 500 companies. He was their mad scientist working behind the scenes. 

Well we were both working for big companies…just in a different standard.  He worked with them to discover exactly what customers wanted to buy and I delivered the pizza.  

I don’t always like telling my story, especially now that it has been 15 years! 

I’ve gotten up to speak and left out my story…my income dropped.

Anytime I’ve left my story out, it left out that connection with my audience.

Where I’ve come from to today is part of who I am.  It’s a before and after story.  And it’s part of my authenticity. 

Who are you? What has shaped you?  And why did you start this business?

Let me give you an example why this is important.

Today I can honestly say internet business is not just about the money. 

But the day I started…after delivering pizzas in the cold…it was MOST DEFINITELY about the money!

If I forget that fact, then I forget the reality.

What you’ll find is every company has a story behind it.  Even if it is a story from years gone by, it is still driven by the story.

What is your story?

I’m not talking just about a bio.  Nobody buys because of your bio.

But they will buy if you connect and show empathy with them.  They will buy if they want the same benefits which your story illustrates.  Every story has emotions attached to it.  And people want to connect to those emotions in their own life.

When it really comes down to it, people buy because of how it makes them feel.

It makes them feel good about themselves.

How does your story make them feel?

This may surprise you, but stories aren’t just for small businesses like mine.  Fortune 500 companies have stories that drive them.  If you keep your eyes open you’ll spot the stories throughout everything they do…in the colors they use, the promises they make, and even in their packaging. 

Does Apple have a story?  Yes.  Watch their ads sometime and see if you can spot it.  It’s a consistent message they share in their ads, their packaging, and their website. 

All big companies have a story.

Those who start sliding are those who aren’t consistent with the story.  So this exercise is a lot easier to practice on the leaders in their industries. 

In the upcoming Total Conversion Code, I outline for you 8 common stories that run a silver thread through successful companies.  Not only will Glenn and I help you spot your story…but we’ll show you how it applies to everything you do online for maximum profits.

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