Should you do an ‘indoctrination’ email sequence before you promote your product or service?

That’s a common question I hear.

The answer is NO.

Yes, you want to introduce a new subscriber to your message.

You want to bring up the problem you solve in detail.

You will usually share at least a portion of your origin story in the first few emails.

And you want to share some contrarian content that demonstrates why your approach is different.

But it’s not about breaking emails into some kind of perfect ratio of content vs pitch.

My clients and I make an offer in almost every email…including the very first one.

In fact, I’ve had clients test this heavily in paid advertising.

They gave up a lot of money when they ‘delayed’ their offer even for a few days.

Someone joins your list because they’re interested in the topic. You have their attention now. You’re sharing a message they resonate with. You can destroy the momentum by making them wait.

As an example, one client did a traditional video launch sequence where he has 3 content-rich videos followed by his sales video. The majority of his subscribers come from Youtube ads and these videos are dripped out over the first week.

His sales and profits increased the moment he added a link under each of these videos to the main sales video.

He doesn’t ‘hard-sell’ until they’ve been through the 3 video sequence, but they can now clickthrough from any of those videos directly to the sales page and order.

Making people ‘wait’ to buy was a mistake.

You’ve probably noticed almost all of my emails give you the opportunity to buy.

It’s rare that I email anything without a link.

But at the same time, you can get a lot of value and advice out of these emails if you apply them.

Email isn’t a good medium for in-depth teaching. There are simply too many distractions.

But it’s a great way to build a relationship and deliver stories along short bites of useful advice.

You can make a difference in the lives of your readers, especially by helping them shift their perspective.

Combine this with an opportunity to buy in each email.

Transition into your offer.

How will your offer solve the problem you brought up or complete the value you just delivered?

That’s where Autoresponder Alchemy comes in.

It covers my step-by-step system for creating emails that sell without selling.

It comes with templates to make the process easy. At the same time, it goes in-depth on the strategy behind your emails and how to position both yourself and your offers for more sales and income.

Find out how you too can earn more from every email you send…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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