I’m frequently asked whether it’s possible to earn a substantial income as an affiliate.

The answer is YES.

I have significant experience on both sides of the affiliate transaction…both in my own business and with my clients.

My clients and I have made money as affiliates promoting other people’s products and services.

My clients and I have also managed affiliates programs with thousands of affiliates promoting for us.

Not only is it possible to earn a good income as an affiliate, but you can turn it into an excellent part-time or full-time business.

But there is a BIG lie being told about affiliate marketing!

It’s not easy.

It’s not going to work for you just because you find the ‘perfect’ product to promote.

There is no perfect product.

Yes, I know that’s a common pitch, “This product sells itself. Look at the big commissions others are earning!”

It’s not true.

You’re not going to just run a few ads, and watch money come in…unless you’re extremely good at advertising, targeting, and follow-up.

A good offer is vital, but the most important element of any marketing campaign is the audience.

The most proven path to consistent and reliable affiliate income is building your own audience.

It could be a blog, podcast, or Youtube channel.

It could be a community on virtually any social media site.

That means investing the time to get to know your audience.

Communicate with them.

Provide value mixed with entertainment and stories.

Find your voice and a message that resonates with a buying audience.

Create a free lead magnet to get them on your email list.

Ask questions about the challenges they’re facing.

Get to know them and watch the content that gets the highest response.

Find products and services that match up with what they’re already buying. Become an affiliate with those merchants and test promoting different offers to them.

Think of yourself as a fiduciary where you put the interests of your audience ahead of your own.

Don’t abuse the trust they put in you.

Cherish the relationship.

Only promote products and services you would buy yourself if you were in their shoes. In fact, the best way to promote most affiliate products is to share your own case study. What did this product or service do for you?

Your email list and your content delivery method (blog, podcast, Youtube, TikTok, social media) are your business. Affiliate products are simply how you monetize your business. The equity in your ‘affiliate’ business comes the relationships you’ve built.

Autoresponder Alchemy will show you how to earn more from every email you send.

This is true whether you’re selling products, services, or promoting others as an affiliate.

And while the focus is on how to create more profitable emails, you’ll also discover unique strategies to find your voice, position yourself with authority, and improve any form of content you’re consistently sharing.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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