Overwhelming Proof is one of the five fingers of the Golden Glove.

Why should they believe the solution is for real, that you’re a credible person to do business with, and that it will work for them in particular?”

The stronger the promises you make on your website, the more powerful the proof has to be to back up those promises.

Testimonials are the most obvious form of proof.

The best ones talk about the end results…how they’ve solved the problem or fulfilled their burning desire.

Plus, there are multiple ways to add additional impact to your testimonials.

Get a client on Zoom with you and interview them to get their story.

Or you can get a client to demonstrate their improvements.

For example, my tennis client provides free video reviews with some of his products. His customers send in a video of their serve, and his coaches reply with exactly how to improve it. The customer sends a new video for review after they followed those steps. Now my client has both a before and after video that proves just how effective his system is.

But how do you show proof when you don’t have any testimonials?

Here are two simple methods.

1) Tap into your authority on the topic.

Tell your story.

If you overcame the problem you solve, tell us about suffering with the problem and path you took to free yourself.

How and why was your product or service developed? What led you to your most interesting discovery?

Publish contrarian content related to your topic.

If you consistently communicate with your audience on their level, and call out their most desperate problems in detail, you’ll immediately have their attention.

Combine this with useful, but often incomplete, content that helps them get a quick win…and you’ll demonstrate your authority.

2) Demonstrate your methods in action.

I first proved the power of email when I did live demonstrations in front of live audiences at online marketing bootcamps. Seeing $96,250 come into my shopping cart over just a few days changed some of their lives forever.

A dog trainer could take an out-of-control dog and show a dramatic difference after just one session.

My client that teaches Spanish has a sales video that demonstrates his unique method to get you speaking Spanish along with him in just a few minutes.

One of my clients offered free consulting sessions to his audience in exchange for the right to record and distribute them.

He added these recorded consultations to his email sequence. New subscribers get a whole series dripped out to them that demonstrates just how quickly he can change his clients’ thinking patterns.

What stronger proof could he have to make his audience want to hire him?

These are just a couple of ways to add more proof to everything you do.

My Golden Glove Persuasion Map™ comes with a special bonus report called, “Cure for Proof Hiding Disease: 30+ Ways to Add More Proof and Credibility to Your Offers.”

This obliterates the classic Catch-22. You can’t get testimonials until you sell more products and you can’t sell products till you get more testimonials.

Testimonials are only one of the 30 forms of proof you’ll discover in this 23-page PDF report…and they’re NOT even the strongest one!

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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