My wife and I recently got a 8-week old German Shepherd puppy.

We named her Angel even though she doesn’t always act angelic.

No, we’d prefer her not use her paws to splash all the water from the bowl onto the floor.

And yes, we want her to potty outside, even when it’s sunny.

It’s been 3 years since our other German Shepherd Thor was a puppy, and we forgot how much work it is over the first couple of months.

But it’s also so much fun.

Puppies are so curious about the world. Everything is new to them. It’s a leaf. Incredible! Oh look, it’s another leaf. Bounce with joy!

The whole world is a fun adventure to them.

How much fun are you having in your online business?

One of the games I like to play when writing headlines is the Paradoxical Solution Game.

That’s where you first spend several minutes writing horrible headlines that would drive customers away from your product or service.

Do this with a couple of mastermind partners and you’ll soon be laughing and joking at just how bad these are.

Then you flip it…and write good headlines based off the bad ones.

It’s amazing how this opens up your creativity.

You can do the same thing with emails or any other form of writing. If you’re having trouble getting started, try writing the opposite first.

Then flip it and have fun writing the positive.

Make your business fun!

Here’s another business tip directly from the puppy.

Positive reinforcement.

We praise Angel for every behavior we want to encourage, “Good potty. What a good girl!”

Yet, in our own businesses, we often give ourselves negative reinforcement.

Here’s what I mean.

It’s easy to set goals and deadlines that are too difficult to reach.

Within a few days, you feel behind. You start to beat yourself up. Even though you’re making progress, you’re applying negative reinforcement by talking down on yourself.

Years of experience have taught me this tendency in myself and in clients, so now I often double (or even triple) the timeframe to complete major projects.

If I get ahead of my timeline, I start working on tomorrow’s assignment.

Now I feel good. I’m ahead. I’m applying positive reinforcement. Maybe I’ll reward myself, “Good boy, here’s your treat.”

It sounds like a small thing, but a positive attitude is a big deal.

Are you punishing yourself for failure or rewarding yourself for progress?

The most recent issue of the Monthly Mentor Club was about the secrets of implementation (including using 30-day challenges to motivate your customers).

It doesn’t matter how much you know about online marketing.

It only matters how much you implement…and how well you implement it.

You can still grab the PDF of this issue inside the “Recent Issues” sections of the Club.

Get more done in less time. And have more fun doing it!

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