“We are irrational, illogical, totally emotional, fallible, flawed human beings who are ruled by our emotions.”
Doberman Dan

I pulled this quote out of an interview I did with Doberman Dan a few years ago.

It’s insightful…and it’s the secret to selling more of your products and services…no matter what business you’re in.

Even when you’re selling B2B, it’s not a ‘business’ who purchases your product.

It’s the human beings behind the company who choose to purchase your offer.

And those humans are just like everyone else. They make decisions based on emotion, and back them up with logic.

There is an old saying that there’s a reason someone buys…and the reason they tell others why they bought.

By the way, this is why surveys aren’t 100% reliable.

People may not tell you the real reasons behind their purchase.

You need to combine information you gain from surveys along with personal experience with the audience and watching what they really do with their money.

Whoever understands the customer best wins.

What fears keep them awake at night?

What do they passionately desire, but never tell anyone else about?

What secret pain is holding them back from becoming the person they truly are inside?

Stop selling to perfect people.

Start seeing them as they really are.

Dr. Glenn Livingston says to research your audience until it changes you as a person.

That means you don’t just collect facts and figures about them, like their demographics.

Instead, you also develop true empathy for them.

They shouldn’t hurt like this.

It’s horrible how society has cast them to the side and no one understands.

That in itself is one of the innermost desires of human beings.

We seek to be understood.

Do you really understand what they’re going through?

Writing is emotional.

If you understand your audience and their pain, there are times where you’ll feel their emotions when you’re writing.

You might even cry.

If all you have is a logical paint-by-numbers approach, you’re missing out on the emotional depth.

Something will be lacking in your advertising.

You may not even be able to put your finger on it while going through all the copywriting checklists.

But it feels lifeless.

Because it is.

It was written for perfect people, instead of the real buying audience.

And while that’s something I can talk about in an email.

It’s not something I can just hand you.

You need to care.

And yes, some people can fake it. They know how to manipulate people with their emotions, but that’s not what I’m recommending to you.

Write like you care, because you know the audience.

My Autoresponder Alchemy course gives templates that can help anyone write better performing emails in just days.

But it also goes so much deeper than the templates.

It shows you how to understand your audience, create an ideal client avatar, and speak to them in their language.

And that’s where the real value is if you want profit online…

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