I’m stubborn.

There is no denying that. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my wife.

It has served me well as an online entrepreneur.

If at first I don’t succeed, I’ll reassess and try again.

That’s vital.

Because it’s not likely your first website, email, video, or blog post is going to be a home run.

It might be. But I’ve also seen situations where immediate success became a curse.

You will struggle to succeed if you expect everything to work right off the bat…and you don’t apply a little pig-headed stubbornness to optimize a project until it works.

But being stubborn can also be a major flaw.

It means I don’t like to give up on a project.

It’s painful.

Yet, that’s part of success.

I don’t know any entrepreneur who hasn’t had several strike outs.

Not every project is a major winner.

And sometimes, those projects that are doing OK get in the way of something greater.

It’s even worse if you find yourself on a sinking ship.

Take the lifeboat and go.

There is a magic word every entrepreneur needs to become familiar with…


There is always another prospect who needs your help.

There is always another project you can do.

There is always another ad you can run.

Doberman Dan told me a few years ago about one of the big epiphanies he got working with Gary Halbert.


Gary Halbert created an ad he knew would be a success.

He ran space ads in 10 magazines at one time. That’s a huge risk, but that’s how confident he was.

He only got two calls, and both were from old grumpy guys wondering if it was a scam.

Gary didn’t get down in the dumps, at least not in front of Dan.

He just asked what else they were working on.

So many world-class entrepreneurs and copywriters beat themselves up if one of their projects fail.

They lose their confidence and struggle to get back in the game.

But Gary just said NEXT.

What if you’re running ads, and they’re not working.

You’re losing money.

Test a different audience. Try a different hook on your ads. Redo the offer.

But if none of that works…move to the next project.

A member in my Club recently asked a question in the discussion group.

He had tried a LOT of things with one of his businesses. But it wasn’t working. What should he do?

He also owns another business that is already successful and profitable…and has been for a while.

My advice was to refocus his attention on the winning business.

It would be even more successful if he cut his losses and focused everything on growing this one business.

Sometimes even good gets in the way of great.

If you want to attract hungry buyers, turn visitors into sales, and create long-term income online, check out the Monthly Mentor Club.

I can’t guarantee any individual project will succeed, but you can succeed…as long as you’re open to a little ‘painful advice’ at times.

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