Have you noticed how polarized everything is today?

We’re not going to get into politics, because the polarization there is ridiculous!

But the same thing happens when talking about the types of software someone should use in their online business.

“Don’t you use XYZ? Why not? It’s the best thing on the market. How could you live without it?”

This applies to websites, shopping carts, email services, and pretty much everything else.

Today, despite what some will tell you, there are good options in every category.

You’re not going to succeed online because you found the holy grail of software.

Your success is determined a whole lot more by finding a hungry buying audience, coming up with a good strategy to provide them move value for less, and being consistent with your delivery.

Bottomline, I’m software agnostic.

That means there isn’t any one ‘must-use’ software solution that fits everyone’s business.

But often customers and clients email me asking me what I recommend.

That’s who this email is for. If you’re in love with a specific solution, I’m glad you like it. I haven’t found any perfect products, but there are a lot of good ones!

Note: These are affiliate links. I get paid if you click and buy. I like money.

I’ve used Liquidweb for years now. They’re not perfect, but I’ve always found the support to be responsive (and that’s vital).

They offer virtual private servers, dedicated servers, wordpress hosting, and more. This link leads to the virtual private servers:

There are so many options today, and most of them offer very similar features.

It seems like they rotate back and forth between who provides the best deliverability of your emails.

My choice for almost two decades has been Aweber. They’re reliable and consistent.

I’ve used 1SC for a long time. Another service I own and recommend is Thrivecart.

They’re continually adding new features, and at the moment they still offer a one-time fee instead of monthly billing like most other options.

The default for most websites today is WordPress, because there are so many features and plugins available for free.

There are multiple premium themes that make designing landing pages and sales pages easy, but the one I prefer at the moment is Optimizepress.

Want to offer a new subscriber special with a hard deadline for everyone who joins your email list?

There are countdown timers built into many of the design tools like Optimizepress and others, but they’re limited if a customer users multiple devices to visit your pages.

That’s where Deadline Funnel comes in. It can creates evergreen deadlines attached to someone’s email list (no matter where they check their email)…

Note: The above are affiliate links.

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