Do you ever feel like you’re lost and going in circles?

That’s a pretty common feeling online.

I don’t know how many people I’ve spoken with who have complained about wasting years trying to build an online business…and still feeling like they haven’t gotten anywhere.

It’s like a human hamster wheel.

It can feel like you’re lost in a wilderness without a compass or a map to guide you.

But it’s even worse than that.

Because every time you stop and ask for directions, someone points you in the wrong direction.

Let’s take Matt as an example. He’s a ‘collection’ of some of the people I’ve spoken to over the years.

Matt first started online after joining his favorite MLM.

They told him how easy it would be to recruit people to this exciting new opportunity.

The company would even give him a free website. It’s was a boring and jam packed with corporate double speak that didn’t say much of anything, but the design looked good enough.

He was given posts to share on social media. So off he went.

And when Facebook friends unfriended him, he was told they were just haters.

He buys his way into higher pay levels, works his butt off, and even sells products directly…only to have the company change their pay plan and push him back to square one.

Matt moves on from there and joins a dozen or so passive income plans.

They’re pitched as turn-key business opportunities, just plug-in and go.

But even though he tries to follow the plan, he never seems to go anywhere.

It seems like it’s only the founders of those programs who get all the mansions and sports cars.

If only Matt could catch a break.

Maybe the next time will be the charm.

Can you guess why Matt is lost in the online wilderness?

He is waiting for someone to package him up a business, and sell it to him at a discount price…hopefully with a bow on it.

But that’s not how successful businesses are made.

Nothing against network marketing, although I have a serious problem with how most network marketing companies sell the opportunity.

And there are ways to generate passive income, but they’re not handed to you with a bow on them.

They require a LOT of work to create.

Creating consistent passive income requires more strategic planning than dollar-for-hour income.

If you’re going to succeed online, especially long-term, you’re going to ‘build a business.’

Sure, it’s possible to buy already profitable businesses. But they don’t come cheap. Have you looked at the price of franchises or profitable websites that are for sale?

Building a business means defining an audience.

It means coming up with a strategy to reach them in an already competitive marketplace.

It means continually delivering value to them.

It also means dealing with hassles like websites, payment systems, unreasonable ad reviewers (like Facebook), refunds, and so many other things.

You’ll spin a lot of plates in a successful online business.

It won’t be handed to you. Yes, you can buy courses and coaches that help. But they’re not going to hand you a ‘fool-proof’ business plan. That doesn’t exist.

If you’re still lost in the wilderness looking for a better opportunity, good luck with that.

But if you’ve decided to do what it takes to build a real business that delivers value to a hungry buying audience, then the Monthly Mentor Club might be right for you.

Each month I deliver straight from the trenches advice to help you Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life.

I’m not going to give you a packaged business opportunity. I don’t have any of those.

But I will point you in the right direction and show you what’s working for others just like you today…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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