Are you selling the wrong product or service?

If you’re having trouble making enough sales online, then perhaps you need to take a look at your product or your offer. 

Or perhaps you’re simply positioning what you offer in the wrong way.  

Your customers aren’t out there looking to buy another weight loss ebook,  or home schooling course, or internet business coaching. 

They’re not looking for a complete collection of books on golf.  And they’re not really just looking for a new bicycle. 

What they really want is HOPE.  That’s what they’re buying.

This is especially true now with the current trends and feeling people have about the economy.

In the factory we make cosmetics; in the drugstore we sell hope.”
Charles Revson, founder of Revlon Cosmetics

 They’re not just selling cosmetics.  It’s not the chemical make-up of the cosmetics people look at first (although this can be a buying consideration), it’s the hope about how it makes them look. 

They were selling beauty.  You too can look more beautiful.

You too can be sexier.

You too can be more successful.

It all comes back to hope.  That’s what we’re looking for in our lives.

Seth Godin says, “What marketers sell is hope.  The reason is simple: people need more. We run out. We need it replenished. Hope is almost always in short supply.”

We constantly need more hope.

It’s easy to become negative and cynical in daily life, and your hope has to be continually recharged.

Without hope, what’s the point?

This is what charities sell when they’re asking for donations.

Their mission is to improve the world around you.  It’s to improve the lives of the homeless and hungry.  It’s to find a cure for diseases.  It’s to comfort those who are hurting.

And you can take part in that mission for a small donation.  You have hope to make the world a better place.

Selling hope and not delivering is the danger. 

Look at how politicians market themselves.  They’re always selling hope about what changes they will make.

Those “other guys” screwed everything up: the economy, wars, health care, taxes, etc. 

Just elect this “new guy” and everything will be so much better.  They’re pushing hope (and hype) to the extreme!

Obama’s whole campaign was all about hope and change.  The book he had published was even called the Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream. 

Watch debates and political speeches sometime.  Rarely is it about any specific plans.  It’s about hope and change. 

The one who gets elected is the one who does the best job of selling the hope (and rarely are they the one with the best plan of getting there).

You need hope, but this can be abused. 

You and your customer need hope.  It can push you forward and get you moving.  It can present a path worth taking to a better life.

But it can also be abused.

Business opportunities, weight loss scams, and con men all work off this hope. 

They simply present the hope, without the foundation to back it up.

They sell the sizzle without delivering a steak.

It would be like going to a restaurant and smelling the wonderful food, but they never deliver the meal.

Whatever you’re selling, sell hope.  But make sure you’re providing real value to them to go along with that hope.

Don’t let it be a false hope like we’ve been sold so many times before. 

The internet lifestyle for example is a dream many people hope for, and it is real.

The “false hope” that many have been sold is how easy it is…and how you can do it with little or no effort.  That’s a lie.  The truth is a lot of people simply don’t have what it takes to succeed in an internet business. 

They’re too burdened down by their own insecurities and beliefs from the past.  They’re not willing to break out of their shell and take a few carefully planned risks. 

And sadly, the majority of internet marketing “gurus” aren’t helping.  Every day there seems to be a new product launch and a shiny new object to grab someone’s attention.

The truth is someone can live the internet lifestyle, but it takes focus, hard work, and determination to keep going even when it gets tough.

The hope is real if you have what it takes.

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