As mentioned in my last post, there are 3 strikes against affiliates and information marketers today…

  1. The Internet has become flooded with content.
  2. Amazon has set a “price ceiling” of $10 on the minds of information producers.
  3. Your audience is literally overwhelmed with too many choices today.

But there is a simple solution for all 3 of these problems…that catapults you past all your competitors and makes you the only obvious choice in your market.

It involves coaching…but not the limited view most people have of coaching.

Yes, you can work one-on-one with clients in person or over the phone.

Personally, this activity is one of my favorite parts of this business.

Nothing else you do can give you the same emotional fulfillment of seeing the results produced in your client’s lives firsthand.  Hand-in-hand you help them make a change that transforms their life forever.

In addition, it provides you with feedback and deep insider knowledge about your customers than all your competitors.

That can be translated into products that produce better results, more profitable marketing, and an a higher value on everything you do.

But there’s a problem.

I’ve spoken with many coaches.  The entire coaching profession has a secret they like to sweep under the rug…and never let see the light of day.

Most coaches are flat broke.

They spend their time giving each other free practice sessions.  They’ve got virtually no income to speak of from paying clients.

In fact, some of them would be better off financially delivering pizzas for a living.

They don’t have a marketing system in place proven to generate clients at different prices…and all levels of access.

Instead, they’re giving away free sessions desperately trying to beg clients to hire them for a few hours. BIG MISTAKE.

Not only do I include coaching in my personal marketing mix, but my 6 and 7 figure infomarketing clients each have some form of coaching in their mix.

In some cases it’s one-on-one like I offer.  It could be by phone, Skype, or email only.

In others, it’s a group based program held through webinars or teleconferences.

The quickest and easiest coaching sale you will ever make is a 4 – 8 week group webinar program. 

One of my clients recently ran one of these to his list for $1,995 per client.

You need 100 sales of your ebook at $19.95 to equal just one sale of a program like this.

My good friend Doberman Dan told me he first ran one of these webinar programs to his list…and sold out to a tiny list of less than 400 people.

A lot of people are happy with $1 per subscriber on an email list…but he totally blew that out of the water with a five figure payday from one offer.  And he created a high ticket product he could resell from that day forward.

Which one is easier…making 10 sales of a group coaching program or 1,000 sales of your ebook?

You may say…my market doesn’t have that kind of money.  You may be right.

Maybe you only have the confidence to charge $495.  That still equals 50 sales of a $10 ebook.

Is it any wonder the average affiliate and information marketer is working for peanuts today?

They’re stuck in the stone age of the internet…using a model that becomes less valuable every year.

You may say, “Terry, I’m not qualified or ready to run a program like this.”

I understand.

There is something coming on Columbus Day, October 8th you don’t want to miss.

Four million dollar marketers and coaches will share their secrets to a financially rewarding (and emotionally fulfilling) coaching practice.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a business or personal coach…even if you’ve never done a single coaching session before, have no credentials or training, or any idea how to get your first paying client.

You may already know Dr. Glenn Livingston as a marketing research genius from the other projects we’ve done together.  But did you know he has a Ph.D. in psychology and built a 65 person practice in around 18 months.  He generated more than 1,000 new client call and referrals during 5 years of practicing as a coach.

I shared with him the coaching models my clients and I use…and he has a SOLD OUT coaching program that won’t have any new available slots till 2014!

Plus we recruited Doberman Dan who now has a mastermind group with clients who pay up to $18,000 per year to participate…and the secretive Mr. X. who asked not to be revealed on the website or in my free materials.

Mr. X serves a set of niches in mental health and has over 11,000 testimonials from raving fans.   He has coached thousands of clients using the exact coaching model we’ll share…and his marketing is so strong he has eliminated all noteworthy competition.

October 8th. Mark it on your calendar. 

Write down this coupon code: HALFOFF. 

The coupon will only be available for a limited time and will save you 50% off during this special launch offer.

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