Is your way of life about to become extinct?

No, I’m not proclaiming a death to information marketing.  Far from it.

It’s my favorite type of business.

But it is changing drastically.  If you’re still creating and marketing ebooks the same way you did in 2000, you’re a dying breed.

Recently I was sent an email by a full-time information marketer.

He was worried, and rightfully so.

He told me a small portion of his list would purchase whenever he promoted someone’s super-duper Limited Time Special Offer for $1 or $7.

It was never a large amount of sales, but he could generate a small amount…maybe a $100 on a good sale.

Because he was full-time, this meant he had to mail for NEW, “Never Before Seen” product virtually every day.  That’s right.  He was quickly burning out his livelihood, the list, by promoting the next big thing every single day.

Nothing wrong with daily emails.  That’s good.  But to proclaim a different product that’s guaranteed to change your life every day…that’s not going to last very long.

He said there just weren’t any sales when he promoted products at $29.95, $49.95, or even $99.

His list is full of dirt-cheap freebie seekers.

Maybe you’ve seen the same warning signs.

Over the past few years, everyone has been “moving the free line.”

The Internet has become flooded with poor quality, free content.

You can’t click your mouse without tripping over more “content.”

That’s strike one against information marketers.

Someone in your market is likely giving away what used to be sold.

Next up is Amazon.

They’re a great marketplace.  I’m probably spending money with them every week of the year.

Their Kindle reader is awesome.

But the majority of products sold on Kindle are priced from $2.99 to $9.99, because that’s the price range where they give 70% royalties.

When the majority of information products now cost less than $10, that becomes a ceiling many people are afraid to break (even though it’s a totally artificial one that has zero to do with your prices).

Strike two.  The Kindle has mentally stunted the confidence of information marketers, even if they find themselves giving away their life’s work for less than minimum wage.

Finally, here’s a biggie.

Your audience feels overwhelmed.

They’re overwhelmed by choices today.

When you’re presenting with hundreds…or even thousands of options…you mentally shut down.

That’s the paradox of choice.

It’s just too much to handle.

A confused mind simply says “No” to your new offer when it’s laid on the table.

Strike 3.

Information marketers who play by the old rules are striking out.

Luckily, there is a simple solution for all 3 of these problems.

You can quickly and easily separate yourself from all the free information available online.

You can sell for premium prices such as $495, $997, or even $3,997…while others fight it out for bargain basement leftovers.

And there is a way to disqualify all your competitors…so you’re the only obvious choice available.

You have to include a “personal touch” today.

This involves coaching…but not the limited view most people have of coaching.

What I’m talking about goes far beyond this and enables you to handle hundreds or even thousands of customers in your system…and raises the value of everything you offer.

I’ll go into more detail in our next poston October 4th.

Look for it.  The subject line will be…

“Secrets of 6 and 7 Figure Coaches”

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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