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Seduced By Web Technology?

Look at the gorgeous new laptop…

Not to mention the fancy camcorder and snazzy audio recorder.

Every day there is a new software program that promises to be what you’re dreaming out. Just buy it…and you’ll be in love.

My hard drives get clogged up with software programs…at least until the newer, cooler computer comes out.

I find it EASY to get seduced by technology.

It’s one of my weaknesses, but at least I’m willing to admit it.

Perhaps I need the 12 step program for technophiles.

Step one is admitting you have a problem.

I’ve admitted it, but I’m not alone.

I find MANY in online business have the same problem. You get seduced by the technology, the new way of doing things, and the whizbang new software programs that promise to cure all your problems.

When it comes down to it, internet marketing is NOT about technology.

It’s about people. And these people have NOT changed.

Attention spans have shortened. Your customers are busier. They are connected online.

But bottomline, they have the same desires, the same fears, and the same problems they have always had.

They have the same self-esteem problems. They’re want to have more, weight less, and enjoy their lives. They’re desperately searching for answers. And their money is given to those who promise them an improvement in quality of life.

It’s EASY to get distracted from this.

It’s also easy to overcomplicate your own business.

For example in producing video, you COULD produce a gorgeous chromakey effect which requires a higher level camcorder, good lighting, and a green screen. But if you have the benefits your customers are seeking, a decent quality webcam that costs under $100 can do the job.

Going for the big setup not only costs more, but it triples the time it takes you to get the project done.

Want to do your first interview? You could buy all the top of the line audio equipment, or you could simply use a free teleconference service that records. Guess which one you will get done and get out there first?

You need targeted visitors to your site. You could focus on one traffic generation strategy and MASTER it…maximizing every part of it.

Or you could try to learn “everything” and become that jack of all trades…that doesn’t master anything.

Success online isn’t determined by how complicated you make the project.

Those who succeed are those who simplify…take immediate action…and then master the skills they need.

If you want simple steps to follow and a monthly plan for your business, there is no better choice than http://www.MonthlyMentorClub.com

Whether you join today or not, make sure you get a hold of a program that lays out a plan. Find one that focuses on keeping it simple instead of adding all the fluff and other crap just there to add bulk and price.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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