Overwhelm causes many people to get stuck in ‘failure to launch’ mode.

They’re always thinking about starting an online business, but they never get it out there and profitable.

With all the options available, what should you focus on first?

Should you hide in your room and create an in-depth product before you come out with a large launch to the world?


Should you put together a huge, elaborate website with all the bells and whistles in the very beginning?


Instead you need to get out there in front of your audience.

Choose a hungry market that is buying products or services online.

I’ve covered research in other emails, but basically you just want to know this audience is buying stuff on Amazon, advertisers are paying for clicks on Adwords, or there are affiliate programs you can tap into for additional profits.

Then get out there and start mixing with the audience.

Put up an opt-in page with an enticing Lead Magnet for subscribing. Keep it simple.

Maybe it’s a cheat sheet, short report, or an audio interview. You could use a video also, but don’t wait around till you get all your video tools in place.

Choose ONE form of traffic to start building your list.

If you have money, maybe you use Bing ads or Facebook ads. Or you start building the list for free by finding Facebook groups, Linkedin groups, or discussion forums.

Make yourself a resource and give value to others.

Write frequent emails to your list.

Since you don’t have any products of your own, get started by signing up for a few affiliate products you’d be proud to recommend.

No, I don’t suggest promoting affiliate offers directly without your opt-in, because then you’d be building their business instead of your own.

By focusing on your list first, you’re creating a long-term asset you own.

Install WordPress on your site and copy your emails into blog posts. That site becomes your ‘home base’ for search engines and social media.

Of course you can expand out from here by connecting with other influencers in your market with guest posts, interviews, joining their lists & replying to them, social media, etc.

And eventually you will likely want to put your own products and services in place…along with creating in-depth funnels that earn you more from each visitor.

But you have to get started somewhere.

Build a list. Contact them regularly. Earn a little money by promoting affiliate products. As you write these emails, you’ll start finding your voice.

You don’t have to ‘perfect’ your positioning before you get started. Email is a great way to test subject lines, try different concepts, and ask for your audience to respond.

One of the instant bonuses inside the Monthly Mentor Club is “Starting From Scratch.”

You’ll receive the special PDF report along with two audios showing you step-by-step
how to get started from scratch online.

It’s not about getting it perfect. It’s about getting going…and knowing what to do along the way.

Combine that with all the other gifts and resources in the club along with personal help from other members, and you too can get started on your journey to Internet Lifestyle Freedom…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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