Clients and I often dig deep into their Analytics, conversion numbers across their funnels, overall sales, website eye tracking, and pretty much everything else looking for ways to fully optimize their business.

This means earning more money from every penny and every minute they invest in their business.

But often our biggest discoveries don’t come from in-depth stat analysis.

Usually we get a series of small bumps from that.

Our big breakthroughs come from something much simpler…that requires ZERO technical skill (and it may even be more effective with no technical skills).

I ask questions about the Ideal Client.

Who are they (age, sex, occupations, etc.)?

What is their most desperate problem?

What else have they tried to solve their problem?

How do they feel about the problem and the industry in general?

What is the end benefit they’re looking for?

How do they feel about themselves right now…and how will your offer make them feel about themselves?

My clients and Club members are all familiar with this line of questioning.

The more we know about your audience, the easier it is to plan out the next steps.

Then we simply look at each step in the client attraction process.

For example, if you’re running Facebook ads, we’d look at the interests you’re targeting. We might review them in Audience Insights to see how well they match up with your Ideal Client. And if you have a list of buyers, I love loading those into Facebook to create Lookalike audiences.

Next we’ll look at the ad and any comments on it.

After someone clicks through the ad and visits your site, what happens next?

Is the landing page congruent with the ad? For example, does the text on the landing page match the text on the ad? Are the images from the top performing ads used on the landing page?

Is it EASY to spot the next step…in many cases the call-to-action to become a lead?

Does the landing page look credible and inviting?

After someone opts-in or moves to the next step, what happens next?

Do you confirm they made the right choice…and continue the conversation as you move toward the first product sale?

If they joined your list, does your first email keep the same tone and overall message?

My client and I will slowly go through this process step-by-step looking for any conversion cracks.

It’s AMAZING how many little things you can spot when you’re looking at the process from the Ideal Client’s perspective.

There are many times I’ve said, “Something just doesn’t feel right.”

You can ‘feel’ something is off in the process.

We identify the problem with a little more digging.

Pretend you’re a customer…and go through every step of the process.

Ask questions along the way.

You can use this same process for pretty much anything in your business.

Choose a system you want to improve.

Ask what the end purpose of the system is.

Then go through it one step at a time looking for ways to optimize and improve.

When you ask the right questions, the solutions become obvious.

In many cases, they’re much simpler than you expected.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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