There once were two baby eagles. While their parents were out hunting, a strong wind came up and blew them out of the nest.

They became lost and couldn’t find their parents.

After much searching they stumbled upon a turkey…who took pity on them and said she would care for them.

They went home with the hen and learned to dig in the ground for food such as insects, seeds, grasses, etc.

They had a loving family, but something didn’t seem quite right.

They had a dream…an instinct there was more to life than this. They could see themselves soaring in the clouds.

But whenever this first one mentioned his dreams to his brother, he told him to quit day dreaming.

He said, “You are turkey. I’m a turkey. Mom is a turkey. All our cousins are turkeys.”

So he pushed down his dream.

But it just kept coming back. He wasn’t satisfied digging in the dirt every day. He wasn’t satisfied with the food he ate. And all he could do was look up at the sky with longing in his heart.

So he told his cousin.

Again he was told, “You are turkey. I’m a turkey. Your mom is a turkey. Turkeys don’t fly. Why can’t you just be satisfied with your lot in life?

But that desire kept burning within him and he kept asking others in the forest about it.

Finally a wise old owl told him to just give it a try. Just flap his wings. What did he have to lose? So he began to flap his wings…and he lifted from the ground. Higher and higher he went until he was soaring through the sky.

With excitement he told his brother and his turkey family.

But they wouldn’t listen. He couldn’t fly. He was just imagining things. Didn’t he know this was their lot in life?

On his next journey into the sky he came upon another eagle who explained to him he wasn’t a turkey after all. No, he was an eagle.

He was meant to soar. This was the life he was meant to live.

When I was younger, I tried to be a good little employee. But I was a square peg that wouldn’t fit in a round hole.

The ‘working world’ kept spitting me back out.

It wasn’t until I took the risk…and stepped out as an entrepreneur…that I began to soar.

If you’ve been reading my emails, it’s because you were born to soar.

You’ve had that feeling for years. You’ll never be satisfied with an ordinary life of going to work at a job every day. You can sense it. There is something more.

But if all you do is spend your time around other people with employee mindsets, you’ll never fly.

This is your opportunity. This is the time to move forward with an internet business. There has never been a better time.

But you’ll never soar with the eagles unless you quit hanging out with the turkeys.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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