You can’t…and shouldn’t…do everything in your business yourself.

Freedom comes from knowing what to eliminate, automate, and delegate.

As your business grows, you will bring in additional people to help.

But even in the very beginning, I recommend getting in the habit of outsourcing.

For example, I suck at graphics.

Fiverr is a great place to find low cost freelancers who can logos, infographics, covers, etc.

Hire an editor for your book.

Pay someone to design your website.

If you struggle with software, pay someone else to install that membership script, hook up your shopping cart, and make sure everything works.

And you can get started for pretty low cost.

But here’s the thing.

As your business grows, you’re going to need more and more competent people.

There are gurus out there who tell you to outsource everything cheap to places like the Philippines.

And sure, you can outsource some of your work there. Clients have customer service agents, designers, and admin help outsourced to lower cost countries.

But what about writing high quality content for your site?

Or managing your Adwords campaign?

Or managing the other outsourced team members and projects? You don’t want to have to chase down every project yourself, do you?

Team members who can do these jobs aren’t going to work for minimum wage.

You’re going to pay more…and if you choose the right people…it will be worth every penny.

If you go ‘cheap’…especially on the marketing aspects of your company…you’re going to pay a premium price for that mistake (both financially and emotionally).

One client needed a lot of content produced, so he had multiple writers producing content for him through Upwork.

He also had an editor who could manage the articles coming in. This person was hired after they consistently proved themselves by producing content for him.

Another client had multiple outsourced freelancers and brought in a higher paid virtual assistant to manage all the other projects.

In fact, that seems a pretty normal for the smaller clients I’ve worked with.

They have several freelancers working on individual projects or a monthly basis…and they have one higher level person who keeps everything in order.

One of my clients recently brought in a person in a marketing position at over 6 figures…because he had already proven his value in other companies.

Several clients have a freelance ‘webmaster’ who they pay hourly to put together all the projects and landing pages they come up with…taking all the tech work off their hands.

They’re paid well to make sure things run smoothly.

Several clients hire some of their people from local colleges as interns while they’re still in school…eventually transitioning them into full-time as they graduate.

The point is…you will likely need at least one and eventually multiple higher paid people who are a valuable asset to your company.

It’s not about getting work done as cheaply as possible.

It’s about having people you can trust who can grow with you and give you the freedom and lifestyle you desire.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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