Baymard Institute collected a list of 37 shopping cart abandonment studies and came up with an average abandonment rate of 69.23%.

Let’s round that off to 70% for simplicity here.

That means 7 out of every 10 visitors who hit your sales page….and are motivated enough to click the order button…get to your shopping cart and don’t complete their order.

That’s the average. Your numbers could be even worse.

What if you’re losing 8 out of every 10 customers on your order form?

A few of these likely never intended to order in the first place.

They just clicked your order button so they could quickly find the price and see what was included in your offer.

But what if you could save 1, 2, or even 3 of these lost orders…out of every 10?

It would make a BIG difference to your bottom line.

Here are a few quick ideas to help you maximize the conversion on your order forms…

#1 – Check for errors using multiple browsers and devices.

How do your order pages look on Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox?

What about mobile devices? The percentage of orders coming in on mobile is continually increasing.

HTML errors or places that your order form looks strange can hurt your conversion.

#2 – Trust Badges

Trust badges like VeriSign, Comodo, HackerSafe, Truste and others are proven to improve your conversion.

Even simple logos like VISA and Mastercard can help.

#3 – Company Branding at Top of Page

Does your shopping cart match the branding of the rest of your site?

Is it easy to see your company name and logo at the top of the page?

#4 – Free Shipping

Amazon has trained people to expect free shipping.

It’s so powerful that some clients who normally don’t offer free shipping offer it as a special offer.

Could you increase the cost of your product, giving you the ability to offer free shipping?

#5 – Make It Easy to Contact You

Show your company contact information such as your address, email, and support ticket system. Adding a phone to the top right will increase orders…if it’s worth taking phone orders.

You could even add a chat option giving buyers a chance to contact someone if they have any final questions or need help.

#6 – Irresistible Offer

Repeat your core offer, exactly what they get, and your risk-free guarantee. Remind them of the benefits they’ll receive.

They’re checking not only the price but a quick review of the offer. And some visitorssave just the order form to come back to it.

#7 – Testimonials

Run several short, benefit rich testimonials on your order form to remind them of the benefits and provide some last minute social proof.

The biggest missing element on most websites is proof…and order forms are no exception.

The July issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is the “Ultimate Guide to Funnel Optimization Part 2.”

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