What if you had super powers?

I’m not talking being able to fly…or pick up a car…or being bulletproof.

Of course, all those would be awesome, but I’m talking about super powers that help you earn more online.

See, here’s the issue.

The majority of people who hope to start an online business never do.

And many of those who get a website up and running quickly fall by the wayside when they find out it isn’t as easy as internet marketing gurus promised them it would be.

Success online is hard work.

That’s not something you hear in most emails.

Instead you’re usually told how you can buy someone’s brand new ‘push-button’ product that spits out money like a cyclone.

Sure, it sounds great. It’s a beautiful dream.

But that’s all it is.

Online marketing isn’t about just tapping into some magical formula.

It’s about identifying, attracting, and serving your Ideal Client.

And it’s about developing long-term skills that help you profit.

These skills include generating traffic, converting visitors into leads and sales, creating or finding products, and following up on your customers with additional offers.

And as you master these skills, you’ll find a few of them really click for you personally.

These can feel like super powers.

A few of the ‘super powers’ I’ve developed over the years relate back to boosting website sales by spotting common conversion cracks, producing emails that sell, and helping clients know exactly what path they should take to grow their business.

You might say, “Terry, those aren’t super powers! They’re just skills you’ve mastered.

It’s true that there’s nothing superhuman about them, but it sometimes feels like it.

When you develop skills that become almost second nature to you, they feel like super powers.

In fact, the idea for this email originally came from a testimonial Dr. Glenn Livingston gave me for my one-on-one coaching.

Here’s a short section of what he said…

“The result was I grew a big business…the result that I’m doing what I want to do…and making plenty of money doing it. Definitely making more than if I had not worked with him. I feel like he gave me super powers. I now know what’s wrong with any particular section of my business. That doesn’t mean I necessarily have all the resources to fix it. But that doesn’t matter, because it’s like having x-ray vision and you can really see what the path is to get to where you want to go.”

He now knows what’s wrong with any particular section of his business.

Even if he can’t immediately fix the problem, he knows the path to get there.

And if you’ve ever felt ‘lost’ in your online journey, you know how important that can be.

If you’d like to listen to Glenn’s full testimonial (it’s 7 minutes long), you can hear it about halfway down the page at:


One-on-one coaching is currently not available, but I will be taking a few clients next month in January.

Of course, private coaching isn’t for everyone.

You can also access much of the same advice…including my detailed monthly letters and group coaching on the monthly webinars…in the Monthly Mentor Club.

You get access to the training you need in step-by-step guides.

You have a community you can connect with and encourage each other in the members-only discussion area.

And you get access to me as your coach to provide pinpoint guidance when needed on the webinars and in the discussion as well.


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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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