Duuun dun…duuun dun…dun dun…dun dun…dun dun…


That’s what it has felt like over the past month at my house.

My German Shepherd puppy, Thor, doesn’t have teeth. He has little razors. And he wants to use them!

German Shepherd puppies are often referred to German Shredders, Land Sharks, or Fuzzy Gators.

He has likely bitten everything in the house at least once…and my wife and I have been on the receiving end of those razors multiple times.

We’ve survived with a few band-aids and a couple of pin holes in our clothes.

Luckily, my 8-year-old Golden retriever is Thor’s favorite live chew toy. And the Golden is mostly fine with this as he seems to have re-energized with all the play.

I love dogs and have been through the puppy stage multiple times.

The most difficult one was a puppy who loved eating wood: cabinets, tables, doors, etc.

Thor is quickly growing out of the biting stage after many, many repetitions of the word “NO.”

That stage only lasts for a season if you train them appropriately.

Sometimes you get frustrated. They don’t seem to be getting it…you’re not a chew toy. Or they simply don’t care.

Then one day it seems to snap in them. They get it. You don’t like being bit! Why didn’t you tell them sooner?

Finally the training clicks for them. The potty is outside. Eating electric wires isn’t cool. Coming when called is important even when they don’t feel like it.

It feels like an overnight success!

But it’s not. It’s consistency…day in and day out.

Of course, this isn’t just about training puppies.

It’s about your online business.

Overnight successes…are created from months and even years of consistency.

You target several audiences on Facebook to advertise to.

You test multiple ads and images.

You test different headlines on your landing page.

You send messages to your email list multiple times per week or even daily.

You ask questions to get their feedback on exactly what they want to buy.

And you sell it to them.

Maybe it takes multiple tries before you hit the motherload.

And then everything just clicks. Money comes rushing in.

To everyone outside, you’re an ‘overnight’ success. You made it look easy.

But your success was built from consistently follow the right steps in the right order.

You felt frustration. You felt overwhelmed at times. But you kept moving forward in spite of the challenges. Finally, the dam burst…and the river came flooding out.

It’s not one and done.

It’s daily actions that create an Internet Lifestyle where you Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life!

That’s why I publish the Monthly Mentor Club each and every month. I’ve been publishing my print newsletter since 2007. That’s 10 years now!

Each month I give you the strategies and techniques you can use to make your Internet Lifestyle dream a reality in your life.

In addition to the print newsletter, you also get access to a members-only forum where you can get my personal feedback and a monthly webinar where you can get your questions answered.

Check out the Monthly Mentor Club today…no matter where you are in your online journey.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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